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Israel: An Interactive Map

 Founded in 1948, but also reaching far back into the annals of human history, the state of Israel is a nation quite unlike any other. Not only is it the only country in the world with a majority Jewish population, it, perhaps uniquely, also offers the traveler premier modern and ancient sights. 


While its luxurious and alluring modern cities, beautiful beaches, and lush national parks are unrivaled in the Middle East, it's unparalleled ancient locations, holy to all three main Abrahamic religions, are reason enough for you to want to visit Israel at least once in your life. If, however, you can't make it to Israel soon, or you have been but want to relive that special experience, you can still enjoy our wonderful interactive tour. 

Simply click or touch your finger on the red and white disks to see some sublime videos of 14 amazing locations in Israel.

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Cover image and map courtesy of Depositphotos

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