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QUIZ: 15 Mind-Bending Riddles to Solve

There's nothing like a brain teaser to get those neurons fired up. These 15 riddles are quite tricky and may try to confuse you, so pay attention. Think you have what it takes? Let’s put you to the test!
This travels all over the world, but stays in one spot. What is it?
It's a stamp!
A stamp
The Sun
The Moon
This is the shortest sentence in the English language.
It's 'Go!'
I am.
I is.
This coat can only be put on when wet. What is it?
It's a coat of paint!
A many colored coat
A coat of paint
A T-shirt
A raincoat
This is tall when young, but short when old. What is it?
It's a candle!
A candle
A celery stalk
A pencil
A helium balloon
This has a foot, but no legs. What is it?
It's a snail!
A stool
A ball
A snail
A spider
This is very attractive, with a shoe shape. It's bi-polar and might repel you. What is it?
It's a magnet!
A polar bear
A horseshoe
A magnet
You go into this building blind, and you come out seeing. What is it?
It's a school!
A haunted house
A museum
A library
A school
This sees without seeing, and noise is its friend. What is it?
It's a bat!
A pair of binoculars
A compass
A bat
A mouse
How can you make the number one disappear?
Add the letter 'G'!
Add the letter 'G'
Add 1 to it
Add the letter 'D'
Subtract it by 1
What tree do you carry in your hand?
It's a palm!
A beech
An oak
A pine
A palm
A gentleman leaves home, then turns left three times and returns home. He is left facing two males wearing masks. Who are they?
They're a catcher and umpire!
Two thieves
Two raccoons
A catcher and umpire
Batman and Robin
What has got four eyes, but can't see?
It's Mississippi!
A glasses wearing bat
A pair of dice
Four needles
If you have it, you don't share it. If you share it, you don't have it. What is it?
It's a secret!
A secret
A cold
What goes up but doesn't come down?
It's age!
Your age
A lost balloon
A temperature
The dirtier it is, the whiter it becomes. What is it?
It's a chalkboard!
A rug
An eraser
A chalkboard
A whiteboard
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