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Lapland Is a Gorgeous Winter Wonderland!

 If there’s one place, apart from your own family home, that sums up and defines our ideal image of Christmas, it surely has to be Lapland, the reputed home of a certain Santa Claus, and his innumerable host of choice reindeer. This magical part of the world was, it seems, just made for celebrating the snowiest, yet coziest, of Christmases. After all, this place boasts some tremendous views of the stunning Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). 

Here are 27 absolutely breathtaking photographs from the rarely visited, but spellbindingly gorgeous part of Finland, known as Lapland. Snuggle up and absorb the Christmassy images!

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A Warm Cabin
Snowed In
On the Road Again
The Spirit of Christmas
Keeping Warm Inside
Ready at Your Command, Sir
Lapland, beautiful, snow, winter



A Magical Time
Lapland, beautiful, snow, winter
A Pure White Blanket
There's Magic in the Air
A Brilliant Day
A Fairy Tale Grotto
A Starry Woodland
Peace and Quiet
Double the Wonder
Rudolph's Eye View at Christmas
Follow My Footsteps
A Secret Cabin
The Dazzling Night sky
Eating the Snowflakes
From the Woods
When You Just Have to Stop the Car and Wonder
Mist and Snow Mingling
The Snow Is Starstruck
Lapland, beautiful, snow, winter
A Real Christmas Tree
Topped with Stars
Christmas Morning
I Hope it Never Melts
Lapland, beautiful, snow, winter


H/T: boredpanda.com

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