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11 Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

 Cat's are mysterious creatures and by no means, easy to figure out. Nevertheless, while they may seem demanding, they are not trying to be difficult. Here are some things that your cat would like you to know:
1. They miss you when you're gone
While for the most part cats are independent creatures, that 'who cares' attitude is nothing but an act. They certainly won't panic when you're at work, but if you do leave for more than a day or two, chances are that they'll start to miss your presence. Some cats even display symptoms of separation anxiety, such as clingy behavior and over-grooming if you are gone for an extended period of time. 
2. Purring is not always a good thing
It's not always the case that when your cat purrs, all is fine. Purring can also mean nervousness, concern or feeling sick. 
3. They are bored
Cats need mental and physical stimulation - paired with a lot of attention. Signs of boredom indicate over-grooming, overeating or shredding furniture. Invest in some toys and climbing areas for your cat, enabling them to play. 
4. Their belly is off-limits
While dogs may enjoy a good belly rub, cats do not necessarily want one. A cat's stomach is their most vulnerable spot, if you touch it, chances are that they'll get defensive. But, if they do show you their belly, this indicates that are feeling comfortable - still, you may want to keep your hands off. 
5. They are talking to you, sort of
While kittens do meow at their mothers, when they are older, cats do not normally do so to one another. So, if your cat is meowing, there's a pretty good chance that they actually want something from you. 
6. They need to scratch
If your cat is having a go at your furniture, more often than not, they just can't help it.. Cats need to scratch for many reasons. They do so to maintain their claws, to mark their territory and for exercise. Invest in something your cat can scratch at, to avoid having your furniture ruined. 
7. Your cat knows how to groom itself
Grooming is one task your cat can handle, well. Unless it's absolutely necessary, skip the bath - it's an unpleasant experience for both of you anyway. 
8. They don't really enjoy playing with a laser pointer
While they may appear to be having fun chasing that beam of light around the room, games like that tend to switch on your cat's hunting instinct. The problem is that a laser pointer never really gives them the satisfaction of a catch, leading to a lot of frustration. If you must use the laser, end the game with an actual, touchable toy. 
9. That bum in your face is very much like a little handshake
While your cat's bum in your face may not be pleasant, they really do mean well. Cats rub and sniff one another as a way to greet the other and exchange scents and body oils. So, this action is simply an invitation to cuddle her, and leave some of your scent on her fur.
10. When they gift you a dead animal, don't be afraid
This is simply your cat's way of taking care of you. You'll likely be gifted more dead animals if your cat is female too. Cats have an instinct to teach these hunting skills to their offspring. Bear in mind that you are the only family she's got. 
11. They basically think that you are a cat
Your cat has a hard time understanding you, just as much as you do in trying to understand them. While dogs treat humans differently to their canine companions, there isn't a lot of difference in the ways that cats treat us in comparison to other felines. For this reason, some experts have deduced that cats think we are simply oversized cats ourselves! 
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