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15 Kitchen Inventions That Will Make Cooking Easy

 Anyone who knows me will tell you that I spend every hour I can in the kitchen. So, when I saw these brand-new cooking inventions, I was more excited than I had been for weeks. What makes these cool ideas so great is that, whether you love cooking or not, they are bound to make food preparation even faster and easier. That means more time for your other favorite hobbies!

Have a look at these superb kitchen inventions, and ask yourself: “How many do I want?!”

1. Meat tongs
With this ingenious tool, now you can cut perfectly equal slices of meat.
2. Guard yourself against cuts
Keep your finger tips and nails beautiful with this metallic guard.
3. Pasta cooking baskets
This might be a handy tool if you have picky kids who want their favorite pasta shapes.
4. Cake slicing mold
Adding layers to your cake is one sure way to make it absolutely delicious, and it just got a lot easier with this tool.
5. The way to make perfect meatballs
You can make grilled meatballs with this clever tray.
6. A saucepan lid holder
If you want to let a bit of steam seep out, this pretty invention could be just the thing.
7. Cut the perfect pastry slice
This pie slicer should remove all doubt about who got the lion’s slice.
8. Additional oven shelves
How often have you had to rearrange your cooking plan due to lack of oven space? No more.
9. An apron with towel built in
A towel and an apron (pinny) all in one is about as handy an idea as you’ll ever see.
10. A smart draining board
This draining board is the future: space saving and versatile.
11. The perfect pot for pasta making
This pot is both colander and cauldron, meaning less washing up and more time saved. Beautiful.
12. Measuring spoons and cups
For when the amounts have to be just right.
13. A cooking pot draining nozzle
Inspired by the kettle, this semi-colander will take up far less cupboard space.
14. An electric whisk
A whisk that is so small and neat that you just have to own it.
15. An onion slicing holder

Cutting onions is quite a tricky and painful business, that’s why this invention is so needed.

H/T: brightside.me

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