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Animals That Are Prepared For the Winter

  Our tiny friends may be fluffy enough to keep themselves warm in the cold season. Yet, more often than not, we cannot help but spoil them a little more. Some pets are therefore lucky enough to be dressed appropriately for the weather, just like humans. These photos of animals all wrapped up in winter clothing will warm your heart.
This one is happy not to be shivering from the chill, but is still wondering whether it will work for thunder too...
One of the reasons snow is such good news!
cold-animals Source: tumblr.com
These ferrets found out the necessity of turtlenecks...apart from the fact that they make them look dashing.
cold-animals Source: tumblr.com
Who said chickens can't be fancied up too?
They don't really feel the cold, but they clearly have a passion for fashion.
cold-animals Source: tumblr.com
This one finds double-breasted coats especially sophisticated.
cold-animals Source: buzzfeed.com
This chic rain jacket will perfectly protect the grooming.
cold-animals Source: dilcdn.com
Fancy in pink!
These tortoises also found a perfect winter fit for their bodies - it just needed to be a little more customized.
cold-animals Source: tumblr.com
These puppy eyes are begging: "Can I wear this all winter?"
cold-animals Source: wisegeek.com
Being the black sheep is not so bad. 
cold-animals Source: zimbio.com
Looking good in this Christmas hat, and he knows it!
While some furry ones love having a friend to snuggle up to...
Others simply trust their own fluffy fur coat out in the snow...
cold-animals Source: plus.google
Then there are some who aren't even bothered by the snow.
cold-animals Source: spletnik.ru
The luckier ones prefer watching it from the window pane, while daydreaming.
cold-animals Source: copypast.ru
And the even luckier ones can't complain! Prrr!
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