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Shocking! 14 'Antiques' That Cost an Arm and a Leg

 The world is full of all kinds of items, most of which are not valued very highly, after they’ve been around for a while. Yet there are a select few items that seem to grow in value the longer they’ve been around. The world of antiques, though, is not as simple as it used to be. Today, what seem like the oddest items go for millions of dollars. Here are 14 of the most expensive items ever sold at auction. What do you think of their price tags?
1. Balloon Dog – $58.4 million
This dog actually comes in a series of 5 different colors. It was the orange version that went for nearly $60 million.
Artist: Jeff Koon
Year Sold: 2013
2. Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet– $33.7 million
This classic example of an authentic Persian rug originates from the early 17th century.
Artist: Unknown
Year Sold: 2013
3. The Bay Psalm Book – $14.1 million
This psalter was the first book of any kind to be printed in British North America (1640).
Artist: Massachusetts Bay Company
Year Sold: 2013
4. October on Cape Cod – $9.6 million
This oil painting nearly went for $10 million!
Artist: Edward Hopper
Year Sold: 2012
5. 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild – $1.1 million
antiques, expensive, items
Some thirsty connoisseur forked out over a million for 50 cases of this famous vintage.
Year Sold: 2006
6. Bronze Egyptian Cat – $2 million
This Egyptian creation is the most expensive pussy cat ever sold.
Year Sold: 2013
7. The Codex Leicester – $30.8 million
This codex is actually a collection of Leonardo's scientific writings.
Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Year Sold: 1994
8. Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945 – $310,700
antiques, expensive, items
I know what you are thinking: that's quite a lot of money for a single bottle of wine. Perhaps it'll never be drunk.
Year Sold: 2007
9. Rhein II – $4.8 million
This is the single most expensive photograph in history. How do you feel about that?
Artist: Andreas Gursky
Year Sold: 2011
10. Fauteuil aux dragons – $28 million
This leather bound wooden chair dates from the years 1917-1919.
Artist: Eileen Gray
Year Sold: 2009
11. 1856 one cent stamp from British Guiana – $9.5 million
An amazing price was reached after this unique item was identified as the world's rarest stamp.
Year Sold: 2014
12. Huanghuali table – $9 million
Originating from the 17th and 18th centuries, this giant pedestal table is incredibly rare.
Created: Ming Dynasty
Year Sold: 2013
13. Case of 1978 Romanee-Conti – $476,000
antiques, expensive, items
A single case of this wine went for a cool half a million dollars in 2013.
Year Sold: 2013
14. Cycladic Marble Figure – $16 million
This marble carved woman was made around 2400 B.C., which is incredibly old considering how preserved it is.
Year Sold: 2010
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