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23 Dogs That Could Be Mistaken for Real-Life Teddy Bears

 Have real-life teddy bears infiltrated the dog population? These 23 shocking (shockingly cute) images do seem to suggest that teddy bears are walking amongst us, getting treats, walkies and unlimited cuddles. What are the authorities going to do about this insidious ursine attempt on dogs' rightful territory? Or perhaps there are just a lot of chubby puppies out there who resemble teddy bears. I'll let you decide for yourself.
Is this a baby black bear or a Newfoundland puppy?
It claims to be an Alaskan Malamute. But I have my doubts.
I've never even heard of a chow chow puppy. I'm suspicious.
This is the best guide I've seen to spotting the difference, but I'm still not sure.
Are bears created when you cross breed a German Shepherd, Akita and Corgi? So it seems.
Golden Doodle puppies are all the rage...among teddy bear collectors.
This Pomeranian is known as a 'Teacup'. Where's its handle and where's its spout?
Tibetan Mastiffs must be the cuddliest of all creatures who claim to be dogs.
They say the Samoyed dog has no trace of fox or wolf in it, but I think it has plenty of bear DNA.
The magnificent Caucasian Ovcharka occurs naturally, and was not bread by man.
I do believe when they say the Chow Chow is Chinese. But it's not a dog. Is it?
When you mix a Keeshond with an American Eskimo, you get a little bear. Good to know.
Boo the Pomeranian is so famous he has millions of Facebook fans. 
The Akita is a Japanese mountain dog. Or so it says.
This Chow Chow looks more like a lion or a bear than a dog. But he's gorgeous anyway.
These Panda Dogs are about as beautiful as it gets.
The Eurasier Dog is amazing. It's amazing anyone believes it to be a dog.
This Poodle really wants to be a teddy bear. He's close.
This Pomeranian is so cuddly I can't believe it.
Can I get a Bouvier De Flandres "Dog" for Christmas?
This is what becomes of a fully grown Chow Chow.
Meet the Australian Labradoodle! This one is half bear, half dog, I'd say.
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