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Avocados Can Be Just as Delicious When Under Ripe

 Avocados are no good at all if they aren't ripe enough, which makes it incredibly difficult to make our favorite food like guacamole or avocado toast. So, with an unripe avocado, what are we to do? Should we just sit and wait for it to get softer? Thankfully there's another option: you can turn your inedible avocado into something quite delicious. Though it may sound impossible, here are 7 unusual ideas you could try:
1. Stuff it
under ripe avocados
Just as you would a bell pepper or a tomato, halve your avocado and stuff it - think on the lines of eggs, spicy black beans or quinoa and veggies. Then chuck it in the oven, where it will soften to the perfect consistency. 
2. Grate it
You certainly won't be able to grate a ripe avocado. But, shredding an under ripe avocado is pretty easy and will yield the same rich and creamy texture as shredded cheese. Use your grated avocado in scrambled eggs, tossed in salads or sprinkled over a hearty sandwich. 
3. Make avocado fries
under ripe avocados
This option makes for a healthier alternative to traditional fries. Slice your avocado into thick wedges and dredge them in crispy panko, baking until they appear golden. You'll fall in love with the crispy-creamy flavor of the avocado. 
4. Tuck it into enchiladas
Dice an avocado and fold it into your favorite enchilada filling before stuffing the tortillas and baking. The cubes will soften and their creamy texture will add the right touch to your enchiladas.
5. Add it to a stir fry
under ripe avocados
Dice your avocado and toss it into a wok or a sauté pan, with the rest of your stir fry ingredients. The outside of your avocado will sear and slightly caramelize, while the inside will turn soft and buttery. 
6. Toss it on the grill
Grilled avocado is full of flavor, particularly when the avocado is under ripe, as it will hold its shape and get a nice char on the surface. Before serving, just add a squeeze of lime juice and sprinkle some salt.  
7. Pickle it
under ripe avocados
Slice an avocado and soak it in your favorite pickle brine. The vinegar will soften the avocado. Then stuff it in a burger or a wrap, or chop it into smaller pieces before adding to a salad. 
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