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21 Stunning Photos Shot at Just the Right Moment

 Life is full of the most profound moments that seem to hold so much meaning. Sometimes, when I see something out of the ordinary, I feel sure that God is making his presence known. Whether you think that is just wishful thinking or not, you sure wouldn't deny that these photographs have captured some uncannily beautiful moments. Here are 21 photographs that were taken at the perfect moment in time, recording for ever some wondrous once-in-a-lifetime phenomena.
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A cloud man sleeping below the moon
A plane's take off as recorded in this long-exposure shot
The eruption of Sumatra's Sinabung volcano, Indonesia
Infinity underwater
The frozen fossil of a jeep
A sea lion swimming near the Galapagos Islands
A face from heaven
The eye dance
An ant enclosed in a dew droplet
Meeting on the ice road of Chukotka, Russia
Squirrels playing catch
One woman and how many dogs?
Turtles riding waves at sunset in the Maldives
Standing over the clouds of Iceland
An electrical storm over Ko Samui, Thailand
A boat breaks a perfect sheet of ice
Drawn in by the light
Two cherries glistening under water
Wintry sheep making their own way about
The day of Buddha Amitabha in Vietnam
Swimming in a bubble
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