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13 of the Prettiest Bonsai Trees on the Planet

 Bonsai are little wonders that showcase the very best of man and nature working together in sweet harmony to render something beautiful and enchanting. The amount of patience and skill required to grow such unique trees is well known, yet most of us don't get to see bonsai displayed very often. Given that this art is mainly confined to Japan, it's not a great surprise that the very best bonsai aren't received with very much fan fare - but it's certainly a great shame. That's why we've scoured the web to bring you 13 of the most beautiful bonsai ever photographed. Enjoy!
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Bonsai ridicule the notion that beauty is observed through symmetry.
Their miniature stature fills the imagination with rich images.
Their cascading beauty seems to defy gravity.
You don't have to believe in fairies to appreciate bonsai, but it surely helps.
The driftwood style appearance of this classic juniper tree is easy on the eye.
When bonsai blossom like this, it's like having a bouquet of flowers.
There are so many levels to this fine art.
You don't have to reach up high to get these juicy fruits.
And it still feels like you can reach the clouds.
The leaves look gorgeous, and I bet the syrup on this maple tree tastes divine too.
The simplicity of pure beauty. 
A classic example of the Chinese Juniper tree.
Is this the Mona Lisa of the bonsai world?
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