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15 Adorable Little Animals in Their Mini Casts

 These poor little animals have been having a tough time of it. They broke a bone, had to go to the vets, and now they have to stumble about in a cast. So, they need plenty of attention, love and sympathy from you. I dare you to flick through all 15 of these photographs without cooing an involuntary 'aww!'
Little donkey, had a heavy day...
The tiniest hamster and the smallest cast.
Even in her cast she looks so beautiful.
animals, injured, casts
This poor little hedgehog, only 10 weeks old, was found with 3 broken legs.
The fox is so clever to use his cast to rest his head on.
This rabbit is looking on the bright side of life.
It took this pup a few days to get the hang of walking with his casts on.
When a tiny squirrel fell from a tree, someone nice was there to bring him to the vet.
Putting a brave pirate face on things.
This gentle little joey will have to cut out the jumping for a while.
Someone looks like they could do with a hug.
This cuddly pup broke his leg falling out of the bed one night.
Someone took their kitten back to the shelter with a broken leg - how heartless!
animals, injured, casts
Rest, brave one, you need plenty of rest.
animals, injured, casts
Fancy a banana to cheer you up?
animals, injured, casts
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