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10 Extra Uses for Baby Powder

 Baby or talcum powder is something that most people only use for babies, or the occasional sweaty feet scenario. Yet this is a big mistake because baby powder has loads of amazing practical applications that you’d love to know about. Here are 10 handy and surprising use for talcum powder: 
1. Boost your eyelashes’ volume
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
If you use mascara to give your lashes volume, you can actually enhance this process by using talcum powder. After the first coat of mascara has been applied, use a Q-tip to dab a bit of baby powder onto your eyelashes. Then complete the process with an extra layer of mascara. This will give your lashes the long and voluminous look you crave.
2. Untangle your tangled up necklaces
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
It can be quite distressing to see your delicate necklaces wound up so tight that your daren’t pull them apart. But, if you sprinkle a dash of talcum powder onto the knots and rub them between your fingers and thumb, you’ll be able to loosen them up much more easily.
3. Use as a quick dry shampoo 
talcum powder, baby powder, usesImage courtesy of depositphotos.com
Shampooing daily is not such a good idea for your hair. But you can help decrease your hair without washing it, by using baby powder. Sprinkle some onto your hand and massage it softly into your scalp. Then comb your hair to make sure the powder can’t be seen. Try doing this every other day, instead of washing your hair.
4. Get rid of nasty oil stains on clothes
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
To remove oily stains from a piece of fabric, apply baby powder to both sides of the stain and give it a dab. Let the cloth sit for an hour while the powder absorbs the grease. After this, wash the garment and dry it in the shade. 
5. Remove sand from your shoes and feet
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
Sand sticks to your feet and shoes when they are damp. Apply some talcum powder to them in order to dry them out. After this, the sand will just drop off naturally and easily.
6. Freshen up your bed sheets
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
On a particularly sticky night, I recommend sprinkling some baby powder between your sheets. The soothing scent of freshness will imbue the sheets, thanks to this simple tip.
7. Freshen up your leather clothes
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
Leather can look a little grubby and worn out after a short time. So, to avoid this, sprinkle some powder on the garment and rub it off using a soft microfiber cloth.
8. Maintain your pet’s beautiful fur
talcum powder, baby powder, uses
It’s hard work to get your dog into the bathtub sometimes. So when it’s just one of those days, when it seems impossible, apply some talc to your pet’s coat, giving it a good deep massage into the skin. Just makes sure not to make contact with their eyes or nose. You can also do this between regular washes.
9. Improve your waxing routine
talcum powder, baby powder, usesImage courtesy of depositphotos.com
Waxing is so painful that it puts many women off. Yet, did you know that if you apply some baby powder to the designated area before applying the wax, you’ll be able to prevent it from sticking too tightly to your skin. Thus, the process will be less painful for you. Furthermore, using baby powder lin this way will help keep your skin smooth and less irritated, as a result of waxing.
10. Get rid of pet urine smells
talcum powder, baby powder, usesImage courtesy of depositphotos.com
To remove unfortunate stains from furniture and upholstery, sprinkle baby powder over the stain, then leave it for an hour to soak up. After this, vacuum the area to get rid of both the mess and the smell.
Cover Image courtesy of depositphotos.com
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