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MUSIC BOX: 24 Classic Sad But Sweet Songs

 Music can really help you work through your feelings. Just like all forms of human expression, the most beautiful thing in the world is to unburden your heart with all the emotions you are carrying. I guarantee that listening to these beautiful songs will fill you with empathy and love, while freeing you from whatever is weighing you down.
We've chosen some of the greatest musical artists of recent times to help us with this task, with everyone from Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, to Hank Williams and Dusty Springfield. Which songs do you think have made our tear-jerker list?


John Lennon
Leonard Cohen
Eric Clapton
Roy Orbison
Ella Fitzgerald
David Bowie
Billie Holiday
Aretha Franklin
Lionel Richie
Sinead O’Conner
The Beatles
Julie London
Whitney Houston
Nina Simone
The Beatles
Patsy Cline

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