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12 of the Best Action Photographs of 2016

 I had never heard of the Red Bull Illume international photography contest before, but thanks to this selection of the best entrants to this year's competition, I don't think I will ever forget it. Being something of a photography aficionado, I really appreciated these incredible images of extreme sporting moments. Seeing someone indulging in their favorite dangerous activity always gets my blood pumping, which I can do with at my age, but these photographs seem to do that even more since they are frozen in time. Have a look and see what I mean.
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1. Masterpiece Category Finalist: Gablenz, Germany
This autumn cyclist couldn't be happier if he were riding over the moon.
2. New Creativity Category Finalist: Tallinn, Estonia
It's not just we who watch our cats with fascination. They return the compliment too.
3. Masterpiece Category Finalist: St. Petersburg, Russia
Base jumpers leap from a lighthouse into the morning fog.
4. Sequence Category Finality: Jaromer, Czech Rep.
The flying Red Bulls make a magical circle.
5. Playground Category Finalist: Grampians, Australia
An avid climber takes a little break.
6. Mobile Category Finalist: Hakuba, Japan
When the wind blew snow flakes into the air, this camera phone did what every good camera phone should do.
7. Lifestyle Category Finalist: Choum, Mauritania
This Sahara train is 3 km long and carries iron ore across the bleak but magnificent desert. This is one ride they'll never forget.
8. New Creativity Category Finalist: South, Iceland
Climbing an iceberg below the Northern Lights - two rare treats in one sublime photograph.
9. Masterpiece Category Finalist: Teahupo'o, French Polynesia
Riding a wave in these crystal clear blue waters is a dream come true for this lucky adventurer.
10. Wings Category Finalist: Cape Town, South Africa
A mid-air leap with this backdrop makes for one of the most astonishing photos I've seen.
11. Wings Category Finalist: St. Moritz, Switzerland
I've always wanted to see the Alps from a height, but this would be too much for me!
12. Lifestyle Category Finalist: Edmonton, Canada
Setting up camp on a cold winter's day is the perfect way to warm up.
Cover image courtesy of depositphotos.com
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