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12 Urban Designs That Are the Future of City Living

 There are some talented designers out there who, fortunately, have been charged with the onerous task of making public amenities even more convenient. Though you might think this would be a tough job, plenty have risen successfully to the challenge. Just have a look at these fabulous urban designs. The future sure is an exciting place!
1. This bench is also a flower bed
urban designs, future, inventions
This is a space saver that takes care of your tired legs and the environment at the same time. Where do they get these ideas from?
2. An eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot
urban designs, future, inventions
Powered by natural resources, this is a great place to relax while reading your emails and catching up on the latest headlines, without hurting the environment in any way.
3. A reflective garden fence to mirror the seasons
urban designs, future, inventions
The only thing I wonder about this is: will you even notice that there is a fence? It may be easy on the eye, but what about your knees?
4. A glow in the dark bike track
As a cyclist who fears traveling in the pitch black dark of night, I can safely say that this is a superb idea I can't wait to see in my home town.
5. A bench that can rotate to avoid your sitting in rain water
This will save your posterior from a nasty chill!
6. A bench, a ramp and a shelter from the rain
Which of these three do you think is best? I have my own preference.
7. The bench table
Every now and then, you hear of an idea and wonder how on Earth you didn't think of it first. For me, this is one of those times.
8. Fold-out tulip chairs
What a delightful little idea this one is!
9. City hammocks
You don't have to be Robinson Crusoe to enjoy the gentle swaying of a hammock these days.
10. Swings at the bus stop
urban designs, future, inventions
Now that is one idea to take the sting out of bus delays!
11. Free public phone chargers
The only surprising thing about this is that it isn't already the norm.
12. A bench and tree guard
The perfect sidewalk space savers!
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