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Shah Cheragh - A Beautiful Mosque in Shiraz, Iran

 Known as the ‘King of Light’ Mosque, this incredible temple found in the Shiraz region of Iran may look unremarkable from the outside, but once you step inside, you can see the most dazzling array of lights imaginable. This may be the only chance you ever get to see the interior of the formally named Shah Cheragh mosque, but it will still be an unforgettable experience. Behold this man-made wonder!
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Shah Cheragh is the formal name of this sacred place of worship which was built from around the 12th Century. It is a Persian phrase meaning ‘King of the Light.’
The mosque is primarily famous as a funerary monument to two Shia refugee brothers, known as Ahmad and Muhammad, who came and died here around the year 900.
The story goes that a historical Ayatollah noticed light coming from the grave and decided to investigate and excavate the source. Once he found an armed warrior lying in the tomb he discovered who he was.
Ever since that time, the mosque has become a site of pilgrimage. And what started as a simple mosque has gradually been built up with greater and greater complexity.
There are millions of shards of mirrors throughout the interior of Shah Cheragh that bounce the light in all directions. It shines brighter than thousands upon thousands of priceless emeralds.
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