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11 Ways to Get WD-40 to Help You Out

 You may have seen our previous post about the many uses of WD-40 (highly recommended!) but we've since discovered even more incredibly helpful uses for this miracle lubricant. Here is our list of 11 more things you can do with a simple can of WD-40.
1. Unstick zippers
2. Use on wooden tool handles to prevent splinters
wd-40, oil, usesimage courtesy of depositphotos.com
3. Free those stuck glasses
4. Stuck rings, too, can slip right off your fingers 
5. Untangle fishing lines
6. Polish and protect golf clubs
7. Clean unsightly scuff-marks off your car
8. Degrease your hands
9. Remove permanent marker stains from furniture
10. The easiest way to get rid of gum in your hair
11. Shine and buff your license plates
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