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22 Photos of Members of Different Generations Who Could Be Twins

 It's such a wonderful thing to see your children and grandchildren inherit the facial features of you and your partner. But sometimes nature throws up near-exact copies. Have a look at these superb family snaps of people looking just like older members of their family. You won't believe how alike they look!
A grandmother and her granddaughter.
A great-grandfather and his great-grandson.
Like father, like daughter.
A posing grandmother and her look-a-like granddaughter.
Separated by 4 generations, joined by their looks.
A father and his son in an arresting image.
What must the wife/mother make of this?
A father and son look like they've just seen their double.
A great-great aunt and her grand-niece.
This daughter has the same cheeky grin as her mother had.
You can see the father in his daughter.
Not much separates these father and son babes.
When history repeats itself....
A grandmother and granddaughter share an ageless joke.
This mother and daughter pair are as cute as buttons.
The daughter is the spitting image of her mother.
The only hint is the glasses the mother and daughter are wearing.
The way the father looks like the daughter made me do a double take.
Are they grandfather and grandson or brothers?
The mother has just met her doppelganger.
She's his daughter, not his clone.
That's 3 pretty generations.
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