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These Guard Dogs Are Not Exactly Fearsome

 Getting your own dog is a wonderful thing. Not only will it provide you with a handsome and loving pet, it will also protect your house against any fiendish intruders. It will guard your gate with its life. However, not all dogs were created equally, as is self-evident from these cute photos. Here are some dogs that aren't really up to the job of deterring crooks from your humble castle: 
Look at me, intruder!
I'll lick you into submission!
Nicknamed Goliath.
If you don't tickle my belly, there'll be trouble.
Perhaps the warning is notice that you don't step on them.
You'd better take their word for it.
Asleep on the job?
I may not look alert, but I am.
You may pass here, if you answer these questions...
That cone will make his bark really boom out.
It have teeth, I'm sure.
This dog may be smaller than the sign, but...
The dog's on holiday, but look what the agency sent me as a replacement!
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