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Wow! These 25 Photos Are Utterly Stunning

 These photos are so amazing, that my very first thought was that they must have been photo shopped. I really doubted whether nature could throw up such rare moments of excellence. I also doubted whether anyone would be there to capture these moments so perfectly. Boy, was I wrong!? Throw your hands up in amazement at these 25 truly great photographs.
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What a glorious portal-like formation!
Suddenly, I feel like a slice of watermelon.
The terrifying beauty of a storm.
It looks like a room in a house, but it's the inside of a guitar.
Snowfall in the Altai.
What you see when you look up in this crazy metropolis.
God smiles on this artistic academy.
A forest fire stopped at the roadside.
Flying by moonlight.
How a thunderstorm looks, from an airplane window.
This turtle has an algae covered shell.
Is that the hand of Thor?
A golden mountain peak.
This is what a rocket flight looks like at night.
A Chinese regiment of soldiers perform a dawn time drill.
What do you see when you look at this cracked windshield?
On the border between Switzerland and Italy.
This is how rain looks from above.
This is why the Titanic (post collision) never stood a chance.
A waterfall at dusk.
Suddenly nobody was interested in the game.
This Japanese synchronized swimmer, Saho Harada, is at one with the ocean.
Flying through a rainbow.
When ice reminds you to make pancakes tomorrow.
A solar eclipse in Arizona.
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