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Silly Dogs That Get Stuck in the Funniest Places

 When dogs are curious, everything might seem straightforward and fun for them. But the moment they realize they've made the wrong move, things get complicated. If you're a dog owner, I'm pretty sure you have a whole list of hilarious things you've seen your little friend doing, and when you see these photos, you will definitely be able to relate: 
When they unintentionally get stuck in front of the TV... (Sounds familiar?)
They try all sorts of impossible things.
Only to find it doesn't quite work out as they had planned.
Their sitting and sleeping positions are an art form.
And sometimes, they lose the point completely.
They act as though they're comfortable.
But nothing is funnier than the looks on their faces when they're regretting their silly mistake.
Where they choose to stay does not depend on their size.
But we love seeing them doing it anyway.
Dogs can be "victims" of their curiosity.
They get stuck between car seats.
In cookie jars (surprise surprise).
In clothes-hangers.
In sun-beds.
In swings.
And in the weirdest of places. 
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