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23 Ridiculously Perfect Photographs

 Timing is everything. Though even with all the training in the world, and the smartest equipment money can buy, most professional photographers are unable to take shots of such sublime and timely brilliance as this inconceivable collection of 23. If only the world could stop still for more moments like these...
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1. Taking the lotus position.
2. This crayfish is taking over...the bottom of a bucket.
3. Chile's Puyehue-Cordo Caulle erupts, yet the cloud looks like a demonic face.
4. A celebration for Britain's Royal Navy.
5. Swimming (in a swamp).
6. This can happen when using 'long exposure' settings.
7. A wave's belly in Hawaii.
8. Slovenia's beautiful capital, Ljubljana, flooded.
9. When the bubble bursts.
10. This is neither an eruption nor an explosion.
11. This birch leaf has frozen in a puddle.
12. Indonesia's deadly Mount Bromo.
13. The Northern Lights, Norway.
14. Intergalactic tennis.
15. These Malaysian ants have found honey.
16. Enjoying the Chiang Mai sky lantern festival in Thailand.
17. A not-so-dark night.
18. Fireflies over Shimanto River, Japan.
19. A school of mobula rays, Mexico.
20. In the shadow of Mount Fuji, Japan.
21. Dawn in Bush Park, London.
23. The Namib desert joins the sea in Africa.
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H/T: brightside.me

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