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30 Cute Dogs Who Can't Stop Smiling

 Life sure is grand when you don't have any responsibilities. These happy-go-lucky canines decided to express their feelings of joy toward their beloved owners by acting a bit silly in front of the lens. Here are 30 super cute and playful dogs smiling for the camera:
1) I Smile because I'm Fabulous
2) They Say Our Smiles Run in the Family 
3) Thank You for Rubbing My Tummy
4) This Toy is Making Me Laugh
5) Please Get My Good Side
6) I Don't Want Any Wind in My Eyes 
7) I'm Sure Glad to See You
8) Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Enjoying the Outdoors
9) Goofing Off in Front of the Camera 
10) A Couple of Cuties 
11) It's Such a Beautiful Day Outside 
12) Pardon Me, May I Have a Lick of That Beer, Please? 
13) I'm on Top of the World 
14) This New Toothpaste Makes My Teeth Nice and Shiny 
15) The Camera Adores My Baby Blue Eyes
16) Hey Dude, How's It Hangin'?
17) A Quick Selfie 
18) It's So Much Fun Getting Dressed Up as a Panda
19) Yay, it's Friday!
20) Why is the Sky Upside Down?
21) This Sun Tan is Making Me One Happy Bulldog
22) I Like You a Lot
23) I'm in a Good Mood Today 
24) Dogpile O' Lovin'
25) Do these Painted On Eyebrows Make Me Look Silly?
26) Well, Hello There!
27) I'm a Cutesy Wittle Bear
28) Are We Having Supper Yet?
29) Wait, Let Me Tell You Another Joke
30) I Think I Got a Monkey on My Back
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