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Learn to Fold Anything: Shirts, Jeans Underwear & More

 There are times when my closet has resembled more of a laundry basket than it has a clothing store. Yet, while I prefer to have the majority of my clothes hung, I often don't have the space to do so - and I've also discovered that some clothes crease less when folded too. There is, as you are about to discover, a correct technique to folding the majority of your clothes, from the various kinds of shirts and tops, to how to fold underwear, we've got the lot covered. Take a look:


1. A perfectly folded pair of jeans:


2. This method will ensure a crease-free shirt:

3. A hassle-free method to folding a long sleeve top:  

4. Useful methods to fold a T-shirt like a pro:


5. Group your tank tops together with this folding method:


6. The only method you need to learn for the perfect underwear drawer:

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