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Vladimir Kush's surreal art will leave you astounded

 Russian painter and sculptor Vladimir Kush has been developing his artistic talents since he was just seven years of age, when he began to attend art school. After having been acquainted with other artists' work, he decided to take his interest further and continue studying art, up until he had to enter military training. This turned out to be no bad news to him, since he was given the role of a propagandistic painter to create posters. His passion grew to the extent that he eventually graduated in Fine Arts, after which he took part in several successful exhibitions around the world that established him as a surreal artist.
Although often compared to the widely-inspirational surreal artist Dali, Kush states that "metaphorical realism" is what best describes the art in his work. The idea is to fuse fantasy with realism, rendering his paintings imaginative and fairy-tale-like, but with a strong familiarity to the beholder. This means that there are realistic aspects in his paintings that describe a certain truth, but in a dream-like nature. In fact, looking at his splendid paintings might make you second guess your eyes and question reality.
African Sonata
Arrival of the Flower Ship
Born to Fly
Breakfast on the Lake
Butterfly Apple
Daisy Games
Departure of the Winged Ship
Eye of the Needle
Fashionable Bridge
Fauna in La Mancha
Fish in the City
Forgotten Glasses
Golden Anniversary
Horn of Babel
Journey Along the Edge of the Earth
Last Supper
Sunrise by the Ocean
Treasure Island
What the Fish was Silent For
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