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The Perfect Way to Cook Steak

 We tend to get pretty particular when it comes to how we like our steak cooked. And given all the options one can cook a steak, it is understandable - from well-done, to medium-rare, to rare, cooking a steak can be tricky. One option to determine whether your steak is cooked to your liking is to cut into it. This method works fine and will help you see how things are coming along. The avid steak lover may use an instant-read thermometer which takes the temperature. However, with a thin cut of meat, this can be difficult. So, this little and easy trick will help you gauge how well-cooked your steak is without the hassle. Take a look:


Bonus: An unforgettable steak recipe

Throughout the summer months, what we all most look forward to is firing up the grill to cook a delicious steak dinner. Here's an easy and tasty way to prepare a steak. The exclusive video below will show you how to make a pinwheel flank steak using your grill and a couple of common ingredients. Take a look:

Here's the recipe:


•    Flank steak
•    Salt
•    Italian seasoning
•    8 oz. mozzarella cheese, shredded
•    Basil


Tenderize your steak. Then coat with salt and Italian seasoning on both sides. Top with basil and mozzarella and roll the steak. Tie with a string then grill for 20 minutes, turning the steak often. Slice it, serve and enjoy!

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