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20 Beautiful Towns in Europe

 The world seems to be so saturated with travelers and tourists that, particularly during the summertime, there is no civilized place you can visit without being trampled on by the camera phone wielding masses you are part of. But, amazingly there are still loads of nuggets out there for you, plenty of sunny, gorgeous and interesting towns you can spend quality time in - even in Europe. That's why we've put together a top 20 list of the most amazing little towns that hardly anyone knows about. Are you ready for the journey?
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1. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
This place is literally Bohemian, lying, as it does, in the southern part of Bohemia, formerly a great kingdom. The town showcases many relics from its historic past, as you can see from the paved streets and handsome houses that litter Český. Walking around here you will feel a little like Hansel and Gretel when they stumbled upon the gingerbread house!
2. Colmar, France
This lovely little French town is actually located in the Alsace region which, as any of you history buffs will recall, has often been disputed territory between France and Germany. So for these reasons, Colmar offers an experience that is as Germanic as it is French. Here is surely the best place to enjoy German beer and sausages one day, and wine and cheese the next. 
3. Marsaxlokk, Malta
A simple bus ride from the capital Valletta, Marsaxlokk lies on the south coast of Malta, one of the smallest but culturally rich islands anywhere on the planet. This town is famous for its charming fishing boats - which provide Marsaxlokk with its most important source of wealth - and its fascinating markets which stretch all along the coast. There is no better place than here to appreciate the best Mediterranean fish in Malta.
4. Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt is the hidden glory of Austria incarnate. Vienna surely has a lot going for it, but can it boast such natural splendor as this miniature wonderland? Just imagine the chime of the church bells as they echo around the mountain and glide across that peaceful lake!
5. Bled, Slovenia
Bled is a place you'll never forget, and, I daresay, a name that strikes you as memorable too. It lies beside the idyllic lake Bled, ringed by green hills and mountains which announce softly and almost silently to the world. This place showcases Slovenia's humble beauty.
6. Bibury, England
In the county of Gloucestershire, Bibury can lay claim to being perhaps the most attractive little town in all of England, which is no mean feat given the level of competition. The reason, though, why it looks so green and flowery should also serve as a warning: bring an umbrella because it does rain quite a lot!
7. Albarracín, Spain
This town in Aragon only houses around 1,000 inhabitants, who marvel at the stony hills that surround it. The town is actually named after a Moorish family that ran most of the area during that fascinating period in history when Islam held sway from Arabia to Spain. Yet now the town rings with the sound of church bells that remind devoted Christians to attend their mesmerizing and beautiful church.
8. Pučišća, Croatia
Croatia is a country that has recently returned home millions of satisfied tourists proclaiming its virtues as a holiday destination. Yet perhaps the town of Pučišća should be the one that people should be visiting. With a mere 2,000 inhabitants this seaside resort will offer you a memorable and peaceful stay, full of sunshine and pleasure. Interestingly, the limestone quarried from here has been used to build America's White House. 
9. Annecy, France
This French town is home to a marvelous castle, that was built during the 12th century and withstood the period of war between rival kingdoms (particularly England) such as described in Shakespeare's compelling historical plays. Just look at the wonderful buildings and lovely canals that you could enjoy in this little hidden gem!
10. Manarola, Italy
This town is now synonymous with great photography, and there are hundreds you can see online. It is one of the most colorful places in Italy, but even at night it looks utterly spectacular. 
11. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
Unfortunately you have to be quite time and money rich to be able to visit this hidden away town. Modern transport was not made for places like this, but you can take a flight from Iceland to Greenland and then use a helicopter to make it to this unpronounceable and unforgettable ice paradise. 
12. Reine, Norway
The wonderful thing about this photo is that it is absolutely true to life. The lake at Reine is so still, and the sky so frequently clear, that all the beauty that hangs in the air is doubled - giving you the twice blessed twin treat of these super sized mountains. The fresh fish is a delight to the palate too.
13. Odense, Denmark
Many people don't see much more of Denmark than Copenhagen, but as this picture testifies, they are all missing out on the superb city of Odense. It was actually in this town that Hans Christian Andersen was born and spent his childhood. So, if you want to see what animated him so much, here is the place to come.
14. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Located at the western edge of Germany's mystical Black Forest, Freiburg has been up and running for many centuries now, as you probably expect given the elderly charm evident in this photograph. One interesting fact is that Freiburg is both the sunniest and hottest city in all of Germany, where recorded temperatures even occasionally top 100 degrees!
15. Göreme, Turkey
It would be literally impossible to extricate this city from the rocks about it, since it is pretty much built from them and within them. For many years this city was a Christian retreat for those fleeing from Rome when their then sect was being persecuted. How times change!
16. Ghent, Belgium
Ghent is another city full of rich architectural surprises from earlier days. A capital of the Flanders region, people mostly speak Flemish, which is a language related to Dutch. Alongside Antwerp and Brussels, Ghent offers tremendous reasons to visit Belgium, yet here you will find the pace much more relaxed than anywhere else. Time for some delicious beer and waffles I think (maybe not at the same time though).
17. Toruń, Poland
It's not all about Warsaw and Krakow when it comes to Poland, you know. Poland is very large and also extremely rich in historical traditions. One of the best parts about coming here is that the prices are so low. Furthermore, since joining the EU, the population of Poland appears to be shrinking, with many young people going abroad for their careers. So by coming here you will be doing your bit to help keep the country flourishing.
18. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
If you feel like you've seen this place before, and you have an inkling you might even have visited, let me tell you, it was either a dream or a memory of watching the old movie, Pinocchio. Since that film came out, many people have had an image of such a lovely town raid their subconscious, so that now whenever they think of charming towns, an image like this instantly comes to mind. This is all because the film in question was inspired by this biscuit-tin-town. 
19. Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa has been around for hundreds of years as a little skiing village, though today it is making waves for a different reason. It's local ice hockey team is doing rather well in the national championships, so Arosa's name appears to be on every young Swiss person's lips. But as a ski resort it must be second to none, since it is said to be a favorite of the British Royal family. 
20. Bergen, Norway
Bergen is Norway's second biggest city and probably the only place on this list where prices will set you back as much as those of Paris and London. However, how likely is it that you will see sights as attractive as this in any modern super city? This is just a guess, but perhaps Norway's greatest dramatist, Henrik Ibsen, was thinking of here when he wrote 'The Dollhouse'. Because it certainly reminds me of my old playroom. 
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