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23 Ingenious Food Hacks from People on the Web

 Here are some more stunning food hacks that will save you plenty of time and wasted effort when preparing and eating your favorite foods. All of these ingenious methods have been thought of and perfected by real people and shared online for you to be inspired. Which one of these 23 brilliant ideas will you be trying out first?
1. Put a paper towel with lettuce leaves to soak up moisture and keep them crisp.
food hacks themadisonmovement / Via instagram.com
2. Turn a cupcake baking tray upside down. Place your tacos in the middle to keep the fillings inside.
food hacks rootie_foodie / Via instagram.com
3. Slice up a watermelon in strips and easily eat them with a stick.
food hacks foodydiy / Via instagram.com
4. Put your cherry tomatoes between 2 dishes and slice between them, to avoid mess.
5. Add a stick to a tub of yogurt, then freeze. Now you have a super, summer lolly!
food hacks spottops / Via instagram.com
6. By slicing them properly, you can fit 2 pizzas on one oven tray.
food hacks lifehacks4girlsx / Via instagram.com
7. Buy cheap vegetables and freeze what you can't eat.
food hacks joyfulmom.fitness / Via instagram.com
8. Pour coffee into your ice tree for undilutable iced-coffee cubes.
food hacks mumspantry / Via instagram.com
9. Take a glass and use it to remove mango peel.
food hacks hungryhacks / Via instagram.com
10. Pop some dried rice grains into a cupcake tray to absorb grease.
food hacks shewhobakes.1 / Via instagram.com
food hacks bakpro_nam / Via instagram.com
12. Fill a used condiment bottle with pancake mix to evenly dispense.
13. Quickly cook bacon using a waffle maker.
food hacks foods2hack / Via instagram.com
14. Warm a glass and place it over your too hard and cold butter to soften it up.
food hacks diplydelicious / Via instagram.com
15. You can actually cook pancakes on a coffee maker.
food hacks clevver / Via instagram.com
16. Use your cookie tray efficiently: fill one portion with milk.
food hacks lifehacks4girlsx / Via instagram.com
17. Turn an empty Dole cup upside down onto a jar for a handy snack carrier.
food hacks caramelized_curves / Via instagram.com
18. If you've added too much milk to your oatmeal, rescue it with chia seeds.
food hacks fhhlife / Via instagram.com
19. If you keep your frozen ice-cream tub in a ziplock bag and pop it back in the freezer it'll stay soft.
food hacks an.organised.life / Via instagram.com
20. Using proper cutting techniques, completely fill your sandwich with meaty bites.
food hacks oscarmayervzla / Via instagram.com
21. You can fix a straw through a strawberry to remove the top.
food hacks life_hacks.for_you / Via instagram.com
22. Like flowers, keep your bunched asparagus longer lasting in a jar of water.
food hacks civilizedcaveman / Via instagram.com
23. Slice part of your ice-cream tub for wonderful sandwich.
food hacks fooddheaven / Via instagram.com
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