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Enjoy These 15 Memorable Spanish Songs

 The decades between the 1920’s and the 1980’s were a golden era for Spanish music in both Latin America and Spain. Many of these delightful classics enjoyed much popularity during their day. Here are 15 of the best Spanish songs of that delightful epoch.








Gypsy Kings - Bamboleo 
This may be one of most famous performances by the Gypsy Kings, released in 1987. Bamboleo means "swaying" in Spanish.
Andrea Bocelli - Perfidia 
One of the most critically acclaimed performances by Bocelli, from his 14th album titled 'Passione'. The Spanish word 'Perfidia' means 'betrayal'.
Olavi Virta - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás 
Written by Osvaldo Farrés, this song became a hit in 1947 and has since been covered by many successful artists. You may recognize the tune from the English version, 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps'.
Los Cinco Latinos - Dímelo Tú
One of the most successful songs in Central and South America in the 1950's. Dímelo Tú means 'You tell me'.
Virginia Lopez - A Quién Será 
This wonderful 'Mambo' song was released in 1953 and quickly gained fame, especially due to the 1954 English rendition by Dean Martin, titled Sway. Since then, the song has been covered dozens of time in multiple languages. 'Quién Será' means 'Who will be'.
Trini L López - Cuando Calienta el Sol 
Cuando Calienta el Sol is the theme song of a 1963 Argentinean film of the same name, and it means 'When the sun is hot'.
Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
One of the most famous Mexican folk songs, combining Spanish, Central American, and African styles.
Trio Los Panchos - BésameMucho 
One of the most sung songs in Latin America! Bésame Mucho was written in 1940 and is one of the most famous boleros in the world. The meaning of 'Bésame Mucho' is 'Kiss me a lot'.
Placido Domingo - Siboney 
Written by one of the most beloved Cuban composers, Ernesto Lecuona, this song was the inspiration for a Mexican-Cuban film of the same name. Placido Domingo's rendition is one of the most beautiful versions of this song, thanks to the tenor's powerful voice.
Santana Brothers - En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
A modern take of the 1963 song by Richard Anthony, performed by Carlos and Jorge Santana. The song itself is a beautiful love song.
Trio Los Panchos - Aquellos Ojos Verde 
This 1929 classic, played by Trio Los Panchos was originally a hit in Cuba and the Latin community in New York. In 1939 an English version was released and became another chart topper. The name of the song means 'Those green eyes'.
Luciano Pavarotti - Granada 
Written in 1932, the song tells the story of the Spanish town Granada. The song enjoyed quite a bit of popularity throughout the years and has dozens of cover versions.
Cecilia - Un Ramito D Violetas 
The Spanish singer, Cecilia, is said to have contributed a lot to the feminist movement in Spain. Her music is described as 'existential', yet her lyrics and melodies are not easily forgotten.
Luis Alberto Del Parana - El Porompompero 
Paraguay's best-selling artist, Luis Alberto Del Parana was a phenomenon in the 1950's and 60's. Here he is performing Manolo Escobar's El Porompompero. Porompompero has no meaning.
Sara Montiel - La Violetera    
Written in 1914, this song tells the story of a girl who sells violets on the street. Sara Montiel's version became famous due to its inclusion in the 1958 film The Violet Seller.
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