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22 Unbelievable Photographs Taken by iPhone Users

 Most people tend to believe that you need a giant, fancy and expensive camera to come up with photographs of this caliber. However all of these were successful entrants in this year's iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), racking up various domestic prizes from all over the globe. Frankly all of them are stunning, but the most important lesson I take from them is the inspiration that I can capture pictures like these with my trusty little smart phone too - and so can you! Which of these is your favorite? 
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1st Place (Animals): Erica Wu, San Francisco, CA, USA
1st Place (Travel): Fugen Xiao, Guangdong, China
2nd Place (Sunset): Yongmei Wang, Chongqing, China
Grand Prize: Siyuan Niu, Xinjiang, China
3rd Place (Animals): Junbiao Cai, Gunagdong, China
1st Place (Architecture): Jian Wang, Beijing, China
3rd Place (Travel): Shiyang Han, Beijing, China
1st Place (People): Xia Zhenaki, Guangdong, China
1st Place (Nature): Junfeng Wang, Shanghai, China
1st Place (Trees): Victor Kintanar, Cebu City, Philippines
1st Place (Flowers): Lone Bjorn, Zurich, Switzerland
3rd Place (Abstract): Jinsong Hu, Kunming, China
2nd Place (Landscape): Nazaret Sanchez Rodriguez, Tarragona, Spain
1st Place (Nature): Junfeng Wang, Shanghai, China
1st Place (Food): Andrew Montgomery, Hampton Wick, United Kingdom
1st Place (Sunset): Nick Ryan, Sydney, Australia
1st Place (Portrait): Elaine Taylor, United Kingdom
3rd Place (Lifestyle): Rithwik V.J., Tamil Nadu, India
3rd Place (Photographer of the Year): Carolyn Mara Borlenghi, Florida, USA
1st Place (Children): K.K., Changsha, China
1st Place (Still Life): Wen Qi, Guangdong, China
1st Place (Photographer of the Year): Patryk Kuleta, Warsaw, Poland
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