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10 Island Cities That Float Like Boats

 Most cities these days are so large and endless that they blend into each other, so that you can't be sure whether you are still in the city or not. But with these amazing island cities, that can never be the case, given that they are naturally ringed by lakes and seas. So if you fancy a proper city break where you can safely say you've seen the whole place, and you love to be near the water, I don't think you will find 10 better choices than these boat-like cities:
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1. Nesebar, Bulgaria
Our first port of call is the wonderful 'Pearl of the Black Sea' city of Nesebar in Bulgaria, a country too often overlooked. In Bulgaria everything is cheap, except the quality as you can see from this stunning island, joined to the mainland by only a narrow causeway built by men during the city's rich and long history. The island is full of superb holy churches, which echo their periodic bell peals out over the deep sea.
2. Lindau, Germany
You can see why Lindau, which borders Austria, Switzerland and Germany, is such a popular tourist attraction. Floating in Lake Constance, the island is joined to Germany only by a bridge and railway. Imagine taking a train journey to this wonderful little world. This to me is a perfect representation of Northern European prettiness.
3. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia
Even though this town covers just a hectare of space, some 1,200 people reside in Santa Cruz, making it surely one of the most crowded pieces of land on the entire plant. Obviously the Colombians on the mainland all had the same idea when they noticed this jewel in the Caribbean. So, if you will be making a trip here, perhaps you'd best way 'til you see someone foolishly depart from the island - then you can take their place while they are gone!
4. Isola dei Pescatori, Italy
This island is perhaps not a city, though it does have permanent residents and two thriving industries: fishing and tourism. Resting in Lago Maggiore, around 50 lucky souls keep their home on this cute island, though they do have to put up with frequent flooding. So try and come here when the rainy season is off and you should have a superb time enjoying such tremendous, natural views.
5. Mexcaltitan, Mexico
Another island city that is prone to severe flooding is Mexcaltitan in Mexico, which is actually a man-made island. The rainy season lasts throughout the summer, during which time the locals get about by boat. Frankly I think that must be an amazing summer, at least for a trip. They also say the shrimp here is food fit for the Aztec gods, who once called this island their home.
6. Trogir, Croatia
Croatia is fast becoming one of the world's favorite European countries, yet surely there is no place in Croatia that can match this wonderful little town of Trogir. An excellently preserved medieval city, Trogir is bursting full of restaurants, art galleries and holy sites, such as St Lawrence Cathedral. You can also see the fortress here, reminding us of the military power that the little states of Europe once were. 
7. Flores, Guatemala
Flores is also anchored to the mainland by a narrow causeway constructed as if to keep the dreamland from escaping reality. It lies in Lake Peten Itza, and was the last part of Maya to fall to the Conquistadors in 1697. Today the island is caked in red-roofed houses, hotels, restaurants and churches, making it a wonderful place to enjoy an easy city break.
8. Malé, Maldives
Male is a wondrous city island with some 100,000 inhabitants. Very few necessities like power and water come from the mainland, so the island is surprisingly self-sufficient for such an isolated place with no countryside surroundings. The island also contains numerous lagoons, which make it an excellent place for swimming and yachting.
9. Manhattan, USA
Even larger than that is Manhattan, the iconic borough of New York that most of us picture when we dream of the Big Apple. Of course the history of Manhattan is fascinating, having passed from native Lenapes, to the Dutch and then to the English who set the island on its way to dominate much of the nearby mainland too. Manhattan truly is an island that reaches beyond its own confines.
10. Venice, Italy
No list of city islands would be complete without a tribute to Venice, the archetype of them all. Venice is actually a collection of 117 islands, which have been unified by means of nearly 500 bridges. Traveling around Venice usually requires you to jump into a boat or walk, which makes a refreshing change from most of the world's car ridden cities.
The bad news is that a solution is desperately needed to save the city from destructive flooding. It is sinking at the rate of 9 inches per century, leading to the Piazza San Marco being flooded during large parts of autumn and winter. Let's hope someone figures out a way to save it, otherwise you need to go there soon and behold this piece of history for yourself  before it disappears.
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