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8 Cosmetic Products You Can Easily Prepare


While it may be easy to purchase body creams and products, pronouncing the ingredients on such items is not. Well-known brands and creams contain ingredients like phenoxyethanol and many others, and tend to be unreasonably expensive too. Putting the convenience of a ready made product to one side, most can actually be made at home at a fraction of the price and only with ingredients you know. Here are some well-known recipes that are good for your skin.

1. Soothing Calendula Lip Balm 
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Recipe Source
Petroleum jelly is an ingredient you'll often find in commercial recipes. For a safer and more natural alternative, try this recipe:
•    0.75 oz. lavender-infused (olive) oil 
•    0.75 oz. calendula-infused (olive) oil
•    1 oz. beeswax
•    1.25 oz. coconut oil
•    A few drops vitamin e oil (or capsules)  (optional, but recommended)
•    10 drops lavender essential oil  (optional)
•    1 teaspoon almond extract (optional)
*(For exact measurements use a digital scale)
1. In a small double boiler (use a glass mason jar placed atop a washcloth in a pan of water) slowly melt the beeswax, infused oils and the coconut oil. 
2. Remove from the heat and let it cool slightly. Then add the essential oils (if using) and the almond extract. 
3. Pour the mixture into chapstick tubes, lip balm tins, small glass jars or reused containers (use whatever you have at hand). Prior to using the chapstick make sure that the balm has cooled. 
*This recipe fills approximately 25 chapstick tubes. 
2. Lemon Sugar Face Scrub
home made creams

Recipe Source

Packed with goodness, this scrub will help fight both acne and wrinkles. 

•    1/2 lemon juice
•    1/2 cup of sugar
•    1 tablespoon olive oil
•    1 tablespoon honey

1. Whisk all the liquid ingredients together until the mixture has developed a thick consistency. Add the sugar and mix with a spoon. 
2. Depending on how thick you want your scrub to be, you can add more or less sugar. 

3. Epsom Salt Foot Scrub
home made creams
Recipe Source
This scrub will not only soften the skin at the soles of your feet, it will leave them smelling wonderfully.
•    ⅓ cup of raw sugar
•    ⅔ cup of Epsom salt
•    1 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil
•    ½ tablespoon of dried peppermint
•    5-6 drops of peppermint oil
•    4 drops of tea tree oil
1. Combine the raw sugar, Epsom salt and coconut oil in a small plastic bowl. Stir the ingredients until the sugar and salt crystals are coated with oil. You may add a little more oil if necessary - this protects the sugar and salt from dissolving. 
2. Stir in the essential oils and dried peppermint flakes. Then add the mix to your container or jar. The ingredients listed will make a little over 1 cup of scrub which will serve you with 3 foot scrubs. 
3. To use, massage your feet in 1/3rd of the mixture and place your feet in a tub of warm water, sitting and relaxing for 20 minutes. Wipe off any remaining sugar or salt crystals and pat your feet dry. 
4. Skin Care Powder
home made creams
Recipe Source
This recipe works on delicate facial skin and helps rid of pimples, age spots and wrinkles. 
•    2 tbsps of powdered oats
•    2 tbsps of almond powder
•    1 pinch turmeric
•    A tight jar to store
1. Grind the oats and almonds in a mixer and add a pinch of turmeric to the recipe, for your all-natural, multipurpose facial cleanser. 
2. To exfoliate your face add some rose water to the mix and dab it on your wet face. This can be used regularly as a face wash. Alternatively you can also add milk or yogurt, to promote soft skin. 
5. Soothing Lavender Facemask
home made creams
Recipe Source
The lavender in this face mask will help you to calm down, while the other ingredients will help remove wrinkles from your skin and freshen your face. 
•    2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
•    1 tsp honey
•    Few drops lavender oil/1/3 tsp dried lavender flowers
Combine all the ingredients together and smooth your face and neck, leaving the mixture on for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water then follow up with moisturizer. 
6. Light Sunscreen
home made creams
Recipe Source
This sunscreen will protect you from sunlight. It will also moisturize and nourish the skin. 
•    4 tsp Shea butter
•    2 tsp coconut oil
•    2 tsp meadow foam seed oil
•    4 tsp zinc oxide powder
•    10-60 drops essential oil
•    4 oz sterilized dark glass jar
1. Heat several cups of water until it has reached boiling point then pour into a glass or a ceramic bowl.
2. Put the dark glass jar upright in the water bath and add the shea butter and coconut oil in the jar, mixing the two ingredients together.
3. Then add meadow foam seed oil and continue to stir, gently.
4. Teaspoon by teaspoon add zinc oxide powder, stirring with a chopstick,
5. Add the essential oil and stir. Then put in the fridge and leave overnight.
6. Take out the sunscreen and apply 20 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun. 
7. Natural Dry Shampoo
home made creams
Recipe Source
If you don't have time to wash your hair, this shampoo will come in handy. It contains no toxic substances either.
•    1 cup ground oatmeal
•    1 cup baking soda
•    Empty baby powder or spice container 
1. Combine the oatmeal and baking soda together in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients well then transfer to an empty baby powder or spice container.
2. When you need to skip a wash, just sprinkle the dry shampoo on your roots and brush it out using a blow dryer and with your fingers, work through the mix. 
8. Hair Growth Remedy
home made creams
Recipe Source
Made from natural oils, this product will help keep your hair healthy and strong. 
•    2 oz Jojoba essential oil
•    10 drops lavender essential oil
•    2 drops basil essential oil
•    5 drops rosemary essential oil
•    5 drops tea tree essential oil
1. Combine the lavender, basil, rosemary and tea tree in the carrier oil - the jojoba and mix well. 
2. Add some amount of the mixture on your hands and rub them together, spreading the mixture evenly. 
3. Work the mixture into your scalp, massaging gently in circular motions. 
4. Keep the mixture on the scalp for as long as possible - ideally overnight then wash off with a fragrance-free shampoo. Shake well before each use. 
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