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Amazing Recipe for Donuts


I love a good doughnut, and something tells me I am not alone in this. And I only just realized what a fool I am for not making my own fresh batch. Instead, I traipse off to the store and buy their ready-made doughnuts, never quite satisfied with my purchase. Well, as luck would have it, here is a stunningly simple recipe for making your basic doughnut with only two separate ingredients. That’s right, two! You’ve got to try this recipe. Just imagine that lovely fresh doughnut smell permeating your kitchen. Mmmm! 


Basic donut
•    Canned biscuits
•    Vegetable oil

Suggested glaze
•    Powdered sugar
•    Milk
•    vanilla extract

Chocolate glaze
•    Cocoa powder


1. Break open the biscuit can, placing it either on a cookie sheet or dish. 
2. Either using a glass or a proper cookie cutter, form out of the dough some donut shapes, minus holes.
3. In your skillet heat up the vegetable oil.
4. Gently place the donuts in the hot oil, and let them brown up and both sides.
5. Dip your finished donuts into a bowl of whatever topping you’d like. Enjoy!

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