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You'll Definitely Consider Eating Okra After Reading This

Okra is an African vegetable that’s been a staple of African, Indian and Pakistani cuisine for many centuries, as well being used for medicinal purposes. It goes by numerous other names in addition to okra, such as bhendi, bamia, ochro or gumbo.


The plant also produces a very pretty flower – white with a wine-red center. While this adds to okra’s esthetic value, its true specialty is the edible green seed pods it produces. These pods are extremely beneficial to human health. Here are five of the main benefits:


1. It Helps Fight Diabetes

Evidence of this was shown in animal studies. Once these studies were underway, researchers were able to purify the principle chemical that’s known for its abilities to improve diabetic people’s health. In one study, the chemical, called myricetin, was given to pregnant rats that had gestational diabetes. This was found to have highly positive effects on their blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, the study found that when the solution containing myricetin was given to the rats orally, their digestion slowed down. This allowed glucose to stay in their system for a longer time period, which meant that levels of it in their bodies had a much less dramatic post-meal spike.


2. It Lowers Your Caloric Intake

Okra contains a rare combination – it’s very nutrient-rich while containing few calories relative to its nutritional value. It’s also a great source of carbohydrates, as are similar vegetables.

Numerous studies have established a clear link between an unnecessarily-high caloric intake and various diseases, so it’s always a good thing to eat something that will give you the nutrients your body needs while being low in calories.


3. It’s Chock-Full of Vitamins

No less than 10 different vitamins and minerals can be found in okra, with some of the highlights being Vitamin A, which is great for the skin, Vitamin C, which does wonders for the immune system, and Vitamin E, which helps prevent cell damage in the body.

Doing away with your vitamin supplements and introducing this vegetable into your daily diet together with similar ones is pretty much a no-brainer. In addition to okra’s high vitamin and mineral content, what’s particularly special about it is the highly efficient way it delivers vitamins to the body.

4. It Improves Digestion

Because okra is high in fiber, it can have a positive impact on your digestive system and assist with gastrointestinal difficulties, especially with regard to regulating your “transit time” – the time between eating and going to the bathroom.

Fiber is great because it offers something the body can’t process, which in turn helps it to form a regular stool. It is now a known fact that people who have a healthy digestive process tend to have other bodily processes that are equally as healthy.


5. It Improves Your Skin Quality

The dietary fibers and Vitamin C contained in okra promote skin health by boosting various important bodily processes. For instance, the latter is known to improve the effectiveness of the body’s regenerative abilities.

There are some who also credit okra with improved skin pigmentation, however there are no studies to corroborate this.


Content Source: Natural Solution Today 


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