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Welcome to BabaMail!

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Welcome to BabaMail!

Welcome to the best content service in the world! We're so excited that you've joined our community. At BabaMail, we strive to bring you the very best content in the subject area that interests you the most. Now that you are here, you get to enjoy our best posts whenever you want them. One of our specialties is interactive content. Click on one area of an image, and you might get an interesting video. Click on another, and you might get an invaluable snippet of information that will serve you in good stead for many a year to come.

You can have endless hours of fun (and maybe even learn something!) starting right here, right now. Below is a menu containing all of our principle topic categories. This amazing collection has been made as a gift, especially for you, our new member, so you can browse these interactive and creative videos, photos and articles, and see all the best of what BabaMail has to offer you!


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The Health Benefits of 16 Common Foods 

Did you know that these common foods can offer you wonderful health benefits? This fascinating interactive guide tells you which ailments can be prevented or cured by each type of food, as well as how to consume them for the most impact: 

Hover over the food that you want to learn about and information about its health benefits will pop up.


The Ultimate Exercise Guide for Every Body Part

Who needs gym memberships and exercise machines when they can have this guide instead? All you need to do to keep your body in tip-top shape is use this interactive guide, which contains home workout videos pertaining to each part of the body. 

Hover over the area of your body that you'd like to tone up to begin the fitness fun! 


Discover the Many Uses of Items Around the House

Items that you normally have around the house have many more uses than what first comes to mind. For example, did you know that WD-40 can be used to bring back color to old plastic furniture? Learn about this and a whole lot more in this interactive guide: 

Hover over the different pictures, then click on the pop-up image to learn more about each item and its alternative use.

9 Beautiful Stories For Your Inspiration and Spirituality 
At BabaMail, we love to inspire people and help them find their innate spirituality. That's why we've gone to the liberty of putting this collection of our very best inspirational and spiritual posts for your enjoyment and enlightenment. 
Hover over each image with your mouse to see the title, then left-click to go to the post. 



A Collection of Amazing Art 

This is an art collection with a difference. From trees with faces to rocks that have been turned into purses, these pieces of art will completely amaze you. 

Hover over the different pictures, then click on the pop-up image to discover more about each work of art.

Enjoy 13 Classical Music Performances in One Place

Classical music can move people to tears and make their souls reverberate with joy, sometimes at the same time. There's no other kind of music that has the same kind of ability to move people. Here are some of the best classical pieces we have brought our readers to date.

Hover over a black key of your choice, then left-click on it with your mouse to begin playing the song. 


BabaMail's Special Joke Collection 
There's nothing better than having a good laugh, and the best way to to set yourself off giggling is by reading a great joke. We've cherry picked some of our funniest just for you. 
To view each joke just click on the image. 

BabaMail's Classic Comedy Sketches:
Like you, we at BabaMail love to laugh. One of the greatest treats we get is finding classic nostalgic sketches for you that are just as funny today as they were then. The selection below includes nine hilarious classic comedy sketches by famous comedians such as Benny Hill, George Carlin, Rowan Atkinson and many more. So just choose one you think will make you laugh, and then come back for another!
A Video Collection of Beautiful Botanical Gardens

So much time, patience and effort goes into making a botanical garden into something really beautiful. In this next interactive guide, you're able to see some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world on video. 

Hover over an image with your mouse, then left-click on it to begin playing a video pertaining to the image. 

Take a Tour Around Italy

Italy is a land of love, fashion, history, art, culture and - of course - truly great food. We thought it would be wonderful to take our readers on an interactive tour of this fascinating and beautiful country. 

Hover over the place you'd like to know more about and click on the blue Play button to begin a video pertaining to your chosen location. 


Learn About the Greatest Philosophers in History

There have been individuals throughout history that have towered over everyone else in terms of their sheer ability to ponder over the most difficult questions in life. Do you remember who famously said: "I think, therefore I am"? Refresh your memory on this philosophical walk through time. 

To watch the videos, just click with your mouse on any of the photos to learn about a given philosopher.



The Ultimate Sports Car and Supercar Collection

During the past six decades, sports cars and supercars have evolved tremendously. This interactive guide will walk you through the evolution of cars from the major automotive manufacturing countries around the world. We hope you love this one as much as we loved creating it for you. 

Hover over a car with your mouse, then click to begin!


An Interactive PC Troubleshooting Guide

Computers become an ever-larger part of routine with each passing day, so it can be really handy to know how to do a spot of troubleshooting if yours starts to act up. First, identify the area of your computer that's giving you trouble, then find the icon below that pertains to that area. 

Hover over the part of your computer that's giving you trouble, and discover what should you do if... 

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