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Bring color into your life by enjoying these Fishes

 Unless you are a deep sea diver or a lucky snorkeler, you won't get to experience the majesty of many of the world's bright and beautiful fish outside of an aquarium. There are some incredibly colorful creatures lurking beneath the surface of the waters, and this stunning photo series celebrates the brilliance of them. It's hard to pick a favorite!
1. Juvenile Emperor Angelfish
Colorful fish: Juvenile emperor angelfish
The emperor angelfish displays beautiful blue and yellow stripes as an adult, but is perhaps at its most vibrant as a juvenile with its dark, electric blue and bright white rings.
2. Candy Basslet
Colorful fish: Candy basslet
The effervescent pink and orange stripes of the candy basslet make it one of the most sought after fish for home aquarium owners, who have to pay up to $1000 to add one to their collection.
3. Parrot Fish
Colorful fish: Parrot fish
There are 95 different species of parrot fish found in coral reefs, along rocky coasts, and near seagrass beds. They are so named because their teeth form a parrot-like beak.
4. Moorish Idol
Colorful fish: Moorish idol
The distinct zebra stripes, and yellow fins and tail mark the moorish idol out as one of the most beautiful fish species in the world. In the ancient beliefs of the African Moor people, they were believed to bring happiness.
5. Symphysodon Discus Fish
Colorful fish: Symphysodon discus fish
Discus fish come in a number of different colors, but one of the most beautiful is the symphysodon or red discus, with its tiger-style patterning in orange and white.
6. Regal Tang
Colorful fish: Regal tang
A vibrant blue fish with a yellow tail, made famous by the character 'Dory' in the films 'Finding Nemo' and 'Finding Dory'.
7. Banggai Cardinalfish
Colorful fish: Banggai Cardinalfish
Found only around the Banggai Islands of Indonesia with an extremely narrow geographical range, this fish displays a wonderful patterning and elongated fins.
8. Yellow Tang
Colorful fish: Yellow tang
These fish are extremely popular among fishkeepers for their bright yellow bodies. The coloring fades at night, but is restored quickly by daylight.
9. Picasso Triggerfish
Colorful fish: Picasso tigerfish
There are over 40 species of triggerfish, and many of them are brilliantly colored and/or patterned with lines and spots. The Picasso variant is named after the artist due to its wacky, painted appearance.
10. Arabian Angelfish
Colorful fish: Arabian angelfish
A beautiful fish well-known for its regular use in saltwater aquariums, Arabian angelfish are shyer than many other species of angelfish, which can be aggressive.
11. Clarion Angelfish
Colorful fish: Clarion Angelfish
Over 99% of the wild population of the clarion angelfish are believed to live around the rocky reefs of the Revillagigedo Islands off Mexico. They are distinctive for their bright orange bodies, with purple trim.
12. Mandarinfish
Colorful fish: Mandarinfish
One of the most well-known, colorful fish in the world, the mandarinfish gets its fantastic coloring from a rare cellular pigment. They have a bright blue base color, with orange swirls and touches of green and yellow around the face and fins.
13. Yellow Butterflyfish
Colorful fish: Yellow Butterflyfish
Butterflyfish come in many variants and hues. Their name was so given because many variants display spots that look like the patterning found on butterflies.
14. Blueface Angelfish
Colorful fish: Blueface Angelfish
The blueface angelfish (sometimes known as the yellowface angelfish - both colors appear on the face) is found on coral reefs around the Indo-Pacific and can be spotted by divers around the Maldives, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
15. Clownfish
Colorful fish: Clownfish
Perhaps the most loved tropical fish of all, the clownfish is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and lives in sheltered reefs. Its vibrant, clearly separated stripes are widely known thanks to 'Finding Nemo' and they are an aquarium favorite.
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