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Photos of Flowers Blooming All Over London

While London may see grey days for most of the year, Mother Nature, as you're about to see, continues to thrive. London has a lot of parks to offer, but alongside the greenery, London is adorned with stunning flowers, making its public spaces truly wonderful to walk through. Let's take a look at 16 photos of flowers blooming all over London: 
1. Cherry blossom trees bloom in Battersea Park
2. The view over London from Alexandra Palace, framed by flowers.
3. In the spring, tulips flower just outside Buckingham Palace.
4. Just outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London, flowers blossom on the trees.
5. A splash of colorful azaleas and rhododendrons bloom each May in Isabella Plantation, in the heart of Richmond Park.
6. A pretty place to sit down. A couple chat beneath the blossom trees in Greenwich Park, south-east London.


7. Blossoms fall by the pond in St James Park.
8. A walk amid the daffodils in St James Park.
9. A drab office block in Shepherd's Bush, west London gets a touch of spring beauty.
10. Azaleas and rhodedendrons bloom near Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath. 
11. Hampton Court Palace looks breathtakingly beautiful in the background with its colorful flowers.
12. Holland Park in west London is graced by colorful trees and flowers.
13. Come June, colorful flower boxes bloom on a Mayfair street.
14. Tulips brighten up the glasshouse in Kew Gardens, southwest London.
15. A tree blossoms over a hedge in Regent's Park.
16. Colorful flower beds grow in Regent's Park.
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