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11 Foods That You Can Keep Forever - And How

Have you ever had to chuck out a large supply of food because it has gone bad? I know I have; and now I also know I could have avoided the whole horrible waste if only I had known how to preserve food by storing it properly. This useful guide gives a comprehensive list of 11 vital and yummy foodstuffs we can preserve, practically forever, and then explains, in simple instructions, just how to store these foods so we can continue to enjoy them months, years and decades from now.



It’s been the case for thousands of years that people have preserved food. Perhaps the most famous hoarder of grain was Jacob’s son, Joseph, who saved nation upon nation through his squirrel-like foresight. Now you can save your family from the horrible waste that comes with not knowing how to properly keep food. So, before we come onto how we can store them for so many years, let's examine the following list of 11 potentially immortal food staples.

The 11 Food Staples We Can Preserve indefinitely Are...
1. Honey

11 Immortal Food Stuffs
Honey has such a low water content that microorganisms cannot flourish in it. Thus honey can last an incredibly long time, if the environment in which it is kept is stable. Once, some honey was found in an Egyptian tomb that was still edible, though 3,000 years old!

2. Salt

11 Immortal Food Stuffs
Salt is a well-known preserver itself, and we use it in particular for curing fish and meats. However since it absorbs moisture, to make it virtually immortal, a little silica gel or oxygen absorber is required. Or else, as someone very famous said: 'if the salt have lost his savour, where with shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing.' 

3. Sugar

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Sugar also absorbs a lot of moisture, which can be remedied by adding a few grains of rice into your preservation container (see below) with it. 

4. Wheat

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Over 1/3 of the world relies on constant wheat availability. The majority of us today get 20% of our carbohydrate content from wheat. But should there be a drought, the price of wheat goes through the roof. Buy it in bulk and save it for your future use, so that whenever you call upon it, it will be ready for you. 

5. Dried Corn (Maize)

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Corn, or sweetcorn, has a very short window in which it is seasonable. Therefore it has long been dried to provide a substitute for fresh maize. Today the same applies: dried corn can be used as a perfect substitute for the fresh version. By drying out corn you will be able to transcend the time limits imposed by the world's seasons, and enjoy some of your favorite recipes - when you want!

6. Baking Soda

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

The uses of baking soda are so great that there are hundreds of articles, dozens of books and, I daresay, a fair few poetic odes given over to saluting this most beneficial of powders. It is considered a must have for any long term storage plan. 

7. Instant Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Frozen dried coffee is well known to be something that outlasts most drinks that you enjoy, but the same is also true of tea and cocoas by following the same principles outlined below. Either by using desiccant or oxygen absorption packets, the life of these heart-warming beverage products can be lengthened indefinitely.

8. Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Carbonated drinks contain too many sugars that, although bad for you too, just break down and remove the drinks' particular flavors when stored for a long enough time. This accident is not so with non-carbonated drinks such as vitamin water, Gatorade, bottled water and juices. You can in fact invest smartly in such drinks, and store them for future need.

9. White Rice

11 Immortal Food Stuffs

Buying food in bulk is a great cheap way to sustain your family, this is especially the case when we come to look at wonderful rice. Yet often we are tempted to buy so much that we never get around to eating it before it turns. However, if you store it properly it can last you 30 years, becoming a great source of calories, and dozens and dozens of healthy, tasty meals. 

10. Bouillon Based Products

11 Immortal Food Stuffs


If you remove stock cubes, or bouillon products, from their usual packaging, and place them in a properly controlled environment, that will, coupled with the salt contained within, provide great longevity. Thus you will preserve for yourself something with which to flavor your favorite dishes for a very long time

11. Powdered Milk
11 Immortal Food Stuffs

One good way you can preserve already long-lifed powdered milk beyond normal expectations is to store it in the freezer. However if you remove its packaging and store it properly you will freeze up your freezer for other products. 

The Best Method for Preserving These Food Staples is...
11 Immortal Food Stuffs

The method that wipes the floor with previous attempts is simple. Known as the multi-barrier system, this idea for food storage keeps out sunlight, moisture and air almost perfectly by utilizing more than one storage system at the same time, reinforcing the protection. Let's take at look at some of these barriers.

- A 5-gallon food-grade plastic container as pictured will not transfer non-food chemicals into your food, and does not have in itself any harmful chemicals. Often such a container will be marked with a number 2 and an acronym HDPE (high density polyethylene). Before using this container, please clean it with soapy water before thoroughly rinsing and drying it. 

- A Gamma lid, which, if you purchase, means no need for a lid opener, though these lids are more expensive than usual bucket lids. If you purchase a simple bucket lid, make sure it's airtight and spill-proof.

11 Immortal Food Stuffs


- A Lid opener will be required if you have a basic lid. 

- Mylar bag liners are very important because even the best container allows air seepage over time. If you purchase a bag over 5mm in width you will be gaining a 20 year guarantee of food protection! 

- Oxygen absorbers at 2,000 ccs of oxygen can be added to your 5-gallon container, prolonging the food's durability by absorbing the container's oxygen, preventing the development of mold and aerobic pathogens. They have no affect on the taste, smell and toxicity of your food either.

- Desiccant packets, which, although they do not absorb moisture, moderate moisture levels, will be necessary for certain foods. However, DO NOT use them with flour, sugar or salt since they need a certain percentage of moisture to keep them from solidifying. 

- Food-grade diatomaceous earth is organic and perfectly safe to use with your food, being the fossilized remains of diatoms. For every 25 pounds of food, 1 cup of diatomaceous earth should be added to your lined container.

The Procedure
1. Using one that is fitted for your container size, place a mylar bag into your washed and dried container.
2. Add oxygen absorbers or desiccant to the mylar bag (you will also add one more absorber at the top of the bag).
3. Pour your food contents into the bag, until about halfway. Then give the bag a good shake to distribute the food evenly.
4. Keep filling the bag, until three quarters of it are full of your food.
5. Now place the final oxygen absorber at the top of the bag.
6. Start to fold the mylar bag, pressing down to release any air which may be trapped inside.
7. Taking a hard board of some kind (e.g. book or chopping board), place it over the air-free bag and gently press on it with a hot domestic iron. Do not push hard or go too fast, because we want the bag to stay good. Seal across the bag in a straightened line. But leave the last 2-3 inches open to allow you space to push any final air from the bag.
8. Push the rest of the air out and seal entirely.
9. Push the bag down into the container, perhaps with an additional oxygen absorber on top of the bag. Put the lid on your container and tightly seal it. 
10. Label the container with your food of choice and also the date on which you sealed them up.
11. Keep the container in an area where there is no sunlight, and where the temperature and moisture levels are steady. A dark place would be ideal
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