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Sending You Your Dose of Cuteness for the Day!

Every day, we come across things that make us smile. But nothing does this better than adorable beings that give you the urge to give them a good squeeze - whether it's babies, pets, or both at once. Today, we're bringing you a collection of web videos that define 'cuteness' in what we believe to be the most awesome of ways!
To send one of these cute moments to your dearest friends, just click on the one(s) you'd like to send. 
Anything that will ever make you happy found in one place, in one video.
Talent should have nothing to do with cuteness, but you'll take it all back after watching this adorable solo.
Cute and small fit perfectly together!
True love comes in different sizes.
The recipe for cuteness? It's all in this video!
What's cuter than two cute beings being cute together?
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