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15 Uses for Silica Gel Packets

We find silica gel packets in plenty of places - they may come with our newly purchased clothes or electronics packaging. I used to toss these packets into the garbage until I realized how useful they can be. These little bags are so incredibly handy thanks to their powerful moisture absorption abilities. They’re great to have around the house, in your car and on the go. Just be sure to keep them out of reach of children.
So, here are 15 top unexpected uses for your super silica gel packets that you never knew about. 
Silica Gel Uses
1. Keep seeds fresh 
Silica Gel UsesPut a silica packet with your rice, beans, and other types of seeds to keep them fresher for longer.
2. Preserve herbs and spices
Silica Gel Uses

No moisture = longer life for herbs and spices (and even dog food).

3. Save a wet cell phone

Silica Gel UsesDid your cellphone get wet? Leave it in a Ziplock bag with a few packets overnight.
4. Prevent foggy windshields 
Silica Gel UsesThe fogginess on your windshield is from condensation of moisture - leave some silica gel packets in the glove compartment to absorb the moisture, leaving your windshield clear.


5. Prevent condensation on camera lenses
Silica Gel Uses
Put a packet or two in your lens case to keep it clear.
6. Extend the life of photography equipment
Silica Gel UsesA few packets in the camera case will prevent internal rusting and keep your equipment in running order.
7. Keep your gym bag fresh
Silica Gel UsesKeep a few silica packets in your gym bag - they'll absorb the moisture that mold and bacteria (the main causes of bad odors) need to grow.
8. Prevent mold and mildew in your linen cabinet
Silica Gel Uses

Hide some packets in your closet and avoid moldy towels.

9. Keep your makeup travel bag dry
Silica Gel Uses

This is one bag that often breeds moisture to ruin your expensive makeup. A little bag or two of these gel packets will keep your cosmetics dry and fresh.

10. Extend the life of razor blades
Silica Gel Uses

Humidity causes razors to rust, which reduces their efficacy and can be unhealthy. Keeping your razor in a Ziplock bag with a silica gel packet will keep it sharp for longer.

11. Reduce rusting in your toolbox
Silica Gel Usessource
Place a couple of packets in your toolbox and keep your tools rust-free.

12. Keep photos safe from moisture
Silica Gel UsesMoisture damages paper. Keep a few packets with your photographs and keep those memories for years.
13. Avoid "old book smell"
Silica Gel UsesIf you have an old book that smells bad, leave it in a bag with a couple of packets until it no longer reek.
14. Slow down tarnishing in silverware
Silica Gel UsesTarnish in silver is similar to rust, so keeping some silica packets with your silverware will keep them shining for longer.
15. Preserve Christmas decorations
Silica Gel UsesA packet or two in your box of decorations will keep them looking like new every year.

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