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5 DIY Projects That Make for Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

As Mother's Day approaches, we all start to rack our brains for a special gift we can give to our mothers, which isn't just any gift. Whether it's a child or adult giving the gift, a gift that includes the giver's personal touch is always just a little more special. 

In the following selection of videos, we're bringing you some fresh and simple DIY projects that anyone can try. Some of them are easy enough to try out with grandchildren, while others are more sophisticated, making them perfect for adults. Let them feed your inspiration:

1. DIY Hanging Frame

If you've got lots of precious memories to share, why not put them together using this idea? This could be a versatile gift that the receiver can hang up and adapt to different occasions.


2. Get Creative With Mason Jars

There's nothing particularly special about a mason jar, but that all changes when it includes a personal touch. Take a look at these awesome mason jar ideas as suggested in this video make them perfect as a Mother's Day gift to treasure.

3. DIY Shell Bowl

Think practically and make something that would serve as a useful decorative item, as well as a thoughtful gift for a special mum - such as this original and beautiful shell bowl that you can make in no time.

4. Popsicle Stick Photo Gift

Not only is this idea awesome for a gift - it's also one that kids will just love creating. What's more, it will only take a few minutes complete.

5. Hanging Flower Cup

It's amazing how with just a couple of items, you can create a gift that's so adorable and unique. Using socks instead of actual flowers gives it a fun twist, and could also add some more value to your gift.



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