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Enjoy Our Musical Tribute to a Legend

There's only one man who could have decided to be referred to by an unpronounceable symbol, and still have people take him seriously. That man was, of course, Prince. The legendary recording artist left us all far too young, leaving a body of work behind him that's so enormous, it boggles the mind. He recorded an incredible 38 studio albums in 38 years, making him one of the most prolific musicians in the history of popular music.
What's more is that this virtuoso mastered 27 instruments by the time he was 19 years old, not to mention winning seven Grammy awards in the years since. A shy and retiring man, Prince had music oozing out of his every pore. He will be sorely missed by music lovers around the world. Here's a selection of some of his most well-known songs:  



1999 was released in 1982, and marked his rise to super stardom. It is quintessentially 1980s in its sound, complete with synthesizers and an upbeat tempo. 
Prince's third number 1 single in the US is one of his most iconic and recognizable songs. He also won a Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group in 1985 (the song was recorded with The Revolution, a band that he performed with for a portion of his career).
When Doves Cry
The lead single from the album Purple Rain became a worldwide hit in 1984. It also was certified platinum, selling more than two million copies in the US alone. 
Let's Go Crazy 
One of Prince's deeper forays into rock music was also on the Purple Rain album, released in 1984. It was the artist's second number one single in the US. 
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 
Released in 1995, you can hear Prince serenading his soon-to-be wife, Mayte Garcia. She also stars in the music video. 
This song is the lead single from the 1981 album of the same name. It addresses the speculation surrounding Prince at the time of its release. 
Raspberry Beret 
A departure from all his prior work, this 1985 song includes Middle Eastern instruments and elements for a unique sound. 
This funk rock classic was released in 1991, marking yet another US number one single for the artist. 
Sometimes It Snows In April (Live in Norway, 2010) 
This beautiful, tear-jerking ballad was released in 1986. Enjoy it from a fan's perspective at one of the star's later concerts.  
Black Sweat
This 2006 release is one of the better-known songs released by Prince in the 21st Century. While admittedly rather raunchy, it perfectly captures his evolving musical genius. 
The Beautiful Ones 
Yet another classic from the iconic Purple Rain album, this down-tempo stunner hit the airwaves in 1984. 
Purple Rain (Live at the 2007 Superbowl Half-Time Show) 
Prince whips Superbowl spectators up into a frenzy with his signature song - undoubtedly his most famous. It was released in 1984. 
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