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14 Useful Things to Do with Old or Torn Pantyhose

Pantyhose are infamous for having a short shelf-life. They get holes or ladders in them easily, or worse still, get destroyed by the washing machine. It always seems a pity to throw them away so often. The good news is I found that there's a ton of different uses for this nylon treasure. Who would have thought they could be so versatile?


1. Nail polish removing aid


Instead of buying cotton balls to scrub off old nail polish, apply nail polish remover to an old pair of pantyhose. This saves you having to buy extra cotton balls.


2. Polisher and duster


3. Scrub and buff shoes clean


4. Find small objects with your vacuum


Tie pantyhose around the vacuum pipe and secure with a rubber band so that the vacuum doesn’t suck up the material too. This is excellent for finding lost contact lenses or earring backs in unreachable nooks and crannies. 


5. Potted plant guard

Line potted plants with pantyhose to prevent mud and dirt from dirtying up the house. It also helps with the plant's growth as it prevents the roots from exposure.


6. Make a temporary arm tattoo


Handy for trying out a temporary tattoo. You can use this when getting ready for your next costume party.


7. Store magazines


An excellent saving space tool, keeping old magazines dust-free.


8. Use as a photo filtering lens


9. Create a potpourri bag or soap-on-a-rope

Pantyhose can make excellent soft nylon bags. Fill with homemade potpourri or create your very own soap-on-a-rope.


10. Patch that screen hole

A handy temporary fix for keeping bugs out when your fly screen breaks. Apply with duct tape until the repairman arrives.


11. Clean hairbrushes with no mess


Cover the brush-head with a pantyhose and use a pin to push the bristles down. The pantyhose will catch all the hairs and you can simply throw it away when you're done.


12. Rescue teddy bears and dolls

Stuffed animals bear the brunt of being played with at length by children or pets. Re-stuff dolls or stuffed animals with pantyhose and then sew them back up to make them look as good as new. 


13. Store onions creatively 

A useful way to stop onion or garlic peel from dropping all over your kitchen. 


14. Added layers of warmth

Add an extra layer of warmth to your pants by wearing old pantyhose underneath. This is especially good if you happen to be heading on a skiing vacation. 

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