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This Is What The Word Looked Like Way Back When...

We always think of photographs from the pre-1950s era as being in black and white, however due to technological innovation and the sheer dedication to bring them to life in authentic color, we are lucky enough to be able to see what people, places and things from a bygone era actually looked like in real life. Take a look at these 20 amazing colorized photographs that will make you feel like you were actually there when they were taken: 
Click on the images to see them in color
National American Ballet dancers, summer 1914
Women delivering blocks of ice, 1918 
Painting of WWII propaganda posters underway at Port Washington, New York in July 1942
Louis Armstrong practices before a performance, image taken circa 1946 
Peatwy Tuck of the Meskwahki, 1898
Times Square, New York City, 1947 
Broadway at the United States Hotel Saratoga Springs, N.Y. ca 1900-1915
Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge underway, circa 1935 
Boys with Easter flowers for their moms, Union Square, New York City, 1908
A newspaper boy sells newspapers announcing the sinking of the Titanic to the world, London, April 16, 1912 
American troops with some presents for Adolf Hitler, 1944 or 1945. 
Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, 1957 
Nashville, Tennessee during the American Civil War, 1864 
An unemployed lumber worker enjoys his pipe as his wife looks on, circa 1939
Big Jay McNeely whips up the crowd at the Olympic Auditorium into a frenzy, Los Angeles, 1953
Audrey Hepburn checks on something in the over, date unknown 
W.H. Murphy and an associate demonstrate his newly-developed bulletproof vest, circa 1923 
British Troops head off to the Western Front in cheerful spirits at the start of WWII, September 1939
Mark Twain poses for a portrait in his garden, circa 1900
A 27-year-old Charlie Chaplin poses for a photograph, 1916
Content and Image Source: BoredPanda (i) (ii)

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