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These Breakthroughs Have Amazing Potential...

Many clever scientists and researchers the world over are making incredible breakthroughs, which will inevitably enhance our quality of life, reduce the impact of human activity on the environment, and make things cheaper and more efficient. Here are four amazing breakthroughs that scientists have made recently: 


1. Biodegradable packaging to double the shelf life of produce

Scientists at the University of Singapore are developing biodegradable packaging that’s made out of – wait for it – crustacean shells and grapefruit. As odd as this might seem, this breakthrough has fantastic potential. It can double the shelf life of produce, contains no toxic substances whatsoever (unlike plastic), and might just be the answer to solving the problem of millions of tons of plastic ending up in the ocean each year.


2. Israeli scientists discover how to extend the shelf life of bananas

Bananas are some of the world’s favorite fruits, however they do have a tendency to go bad pretty quickly after you buy them. Israeli scientists have found a way around this – they have discovered a way of “switching off” the gene that makes them decompose. The bananas displayed in the video are said to be one month old, yet they appear perfectly edible.


3. Nanowire-infused windows to render curtains obsolete

The scientists at Harvard University have found a way of inserting nanowires into glass. These nanowires react to a current that is passed through them at the flick of a switch. This reaction sees the glass darken as and when needed. This breakthrough means that light-adjustable glass is commercially viable for the very first time.

4. Ultrasonic-infused water to kill bacteria and decontaminate surfaces

British scientists have discovered the manipulation of hydrogen molecules, making them ripple with a very high intensity ultrasonic infusion. This particular device is fantastic for cleaning medical devices and/or other precision tools, because it allows the cleaner to get into all of their nooks and crannies on a microscopic level.


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