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6 Thoughts That Make Every Morning Beautiful

As we go about our daily lives, we often begin to take life for granted - as if there'll always be another day to succeed the last. The truth, however, is slightly different, because the last day for each and every one of us will arrive sooner or later. Here are six thoughts that I think about each morning that help me retain my humility and help me keep a bright outlook on life: 


1. "I'm alive... how lucky am I?"

It may seem obvious, but when I open my eyes, I like to take a moment, reminding myself that I'm here - here to observe, take in, think and travel along the path of the great journey that is life.

My eyes see, my chest draws in air. Some parts of me ache, but it's all a part of being alive. I am part of the world, a human being with so many possibilities for thinking and feeling. Every morning, I take a few seconds to fully appreciate that. I'm alive, and when I consider how many people there are who are no longer living, I can't believe my luck!


2. "I wonder what today will bring..."

Curiosity is a fine reason to look forward to a new day. As fantastic and fascinating as our dreams are, we can never anticipate what a new day will bring. A significant world event might take place, or something fun to remember later on in life might happen. 

Every day is a curious puzzle, and we won't see the whole picture until we complete it. Sometimes it's a bad day, and we learn a lesson or create a sad memory. Sometimes it's a great day that we'll remember vividly because of the fun we had. 

Sometimes, a day is just completely normal, but I do try to learn a little something new with each one that passes. This means that they're all worth something to me. 




3. "I'm going to give this day my very best, so that I can rest my head tonight with deep satisfaction..."

Look out world, I'm here to do my part! Every day is a chance for me to show my worth, either by taking care of my loved ones, helping out others, doing my work well or just living life the way I want to.

It doesn't matter what I do, as long as I feel like I haven't wasted my day on something frivolous or pointless. Even if it's hard work all day, I'll do my best to make myself proud. That's what I want from my day - the satisfaction of it being done right.


4. "I love and accept myself unconditionally..."

Believe it or not, this thought took me more than 40 years to accept. But now, as I open my eyes, I remember all that I am. All the wisdom I've learned, all the memories I've made and all the imagination I have - they make me the person I am today. I'm proud of being me, for embarking on that journey of self-creation led me to become myself.

I am who I am and I like myself. I am at peace with myself. It feels wonderful to fully accept this, and my place in the world. Once I feel that love for myself, I get up with a smile on my face. After all, I'm spending time with someone I care about - myself!


5. "I see the world through eyes of awe and wonder..."

I have seen many things before, but I've never seen TODAY. The world is full of so many amazing people and things. I only need to go to the nearest computer to have access to almost all human knowledge. There are vivid sights to see outside, family and friends to enjoy, books to read, shows to watch and pets to play with!

The world is incredible, and I try to remember that every morning before I go out to greet it. When you have that kind of appreciation for the world, you learn to notice the small, beautiful details about it, from the color of the sky, to the smell of the rain.


6. "I have all the time I need..."

Nothing is gained by trying to rush through life. Putting aside that feeling of "I don't have enough time" was one of the best lessons I ever learned. Life is too precious, to spend it feeling rushed. Believe there is time for everything, and go through your days at your own chosen pace. 

If you have a dream, work on it every day, but don't rush, just accept that time passes, and you've done what you could for the morning, the day, the week and the month. Time will never stop passing - it's up to us to move with it instead of fighting it.


Now go and have yourself a wonderful day!


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