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20 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception

 It’s pretty crazy to think that we can only see things due to the light that’s reflected off them, but that also means that our eyes and brains are vulnerable to being tricked into seeing things that aren’t actually there. These optical illusions will leave you questioning everything!




You should still be able to see color when the images fades to black and white. That's because your brain will automatically fill colors in for you if it thinks that they should be there. 


These flowers in the image below give a similar effect. 


Although the black and white dots may look like they're rotating clockwise at first glance, they're actually not. Stare at the red and yellow dots to see for yourself. 


Where does the space in this triangle appear from? 

Although it's hard to tell with the human eye, it's the differing slope of each triangle that causes the space. 



Watch this for a minute or two then turn away - a burned image will appear. 


Try crossing your eyes when looking at this one. You'll be able to see a very familiar face. 


Hard to believe, but the shades of gray in squares A and B are identical. 

This replica is proof of the image above. 


This one is really confusing to our depth perception...


One of these blocks appears to follow the other, but appearances can be deceiving!


Which direction is the middle dancer spinning in? 

If you're on a mobile, close one eye, tilt your phone and look at this image from the charger hole.


Are the lines in the image below all parallel to each other, or are they sloping? Take your time before making your mind up. 

Answer: While the lines do appear to slope, they're actually all parallel to each other. The brain fills in the gray lines between the black and white squares, meaning that they can be quite hard to see at first. 


From the way they look, these circles must be overlapping...

...but they're actually not.


These two squares are actually exactly the same color. Hold your finger along the division line as indicated by the arrow. 


Would you believe that the three cars in the image below are all exactly the same size? 

While you probably said no, they actually are the same size. This is the Ponzo illusion at work - our brain judges an object's size based on its perceived distance away from us. 


The dots in this picture look like they're changing color and orbiting the center, but they're not. Try focusing your eyes on a single dot. 


Stare at the cross in the center. The blank spot will appear green after a short while. 


The circle on the right looks bigger, but it isn't. 

The Ebbinghaus illusion exploits our perception of relative size. An object surrounded by larger objects will always seems smaller than it actually is.


Stare at the next image for 30 seconds, then look at the photo from the movie Inception below: 


Content and Image Source: Distractify 


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