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12 Tips For Energizing Your Morning

Some fortunate souls can be classed as 'morning people' and have no problem leaping out of bed into the waking world. Most of us aren't quite so lucky though, and have to drag our bodies out of bed, feeling very grumpy, tired and sorry for ourselves. Don't worry if you are one of these people because you are far from alone, and luckily there are some simple tips, tricks and habits you can use to energize your mornings and make sure you're ready for the day ahead.



1. Get a Good Night's Sleep

We start with the most obvious of all the tips, but it's one that is absolutely crucial to your morning mood.  You can't expect to wake up feeling refreshed if you went to bed too late or tossed and turned all night. The fabled '8 hours' is a good guide, but different people can function perfectly well on much less sleep, while others need more. You need to train your body to sleep better, and one of the best ways to do that is to establish a routine that sees you go to bed at a similar time each night, and repeat habits that relax you, such as reading, writing a journal or deep breathing, Staring at the computer or TV right before bed is not recommended, as the screen simulates daylight. You can find more tips for a good night's sleep here.


2. Get Up Early

Alarm ClocksSo this one might sound very unpalatable, but the last thing you want to do is get up so late that you are rushing for work or another commitment. Your body is not ready to move quickly first thing and if you have limited time, you will immediately sap the energy you have by dashing around like a maniac. As tempting as it is to keep pushing the snooze button until the last moment, train yourself to get up so you can wash and eat in good time, and take some moments to relax before you get on with the daily tasks.


3. Decorate the Area Around Your Bed With Items You Love

Research suggests that you will start off your day in a better mood if you wake up to a pleasant sight that evokes feelings of happiness. If you have a small table or set of drawers by your bed, ensure that they don't become cluttered with lots of junk and instead decorate them nicely with items that make you happy. Consider a vase of bright flowers, sentimental photographs of friends and family or similar. Ensure your room is well decorated with paintings and pictures and try to keep it tidy. You will feel much better if you step out of bed into a pleasant environment.


4. Let Daylight In

WindowAnother simple tip on the face of it, but you can be sure that most people get out of bed and leave the bedroom before they allow any sunlight in. Studies have shown that the early morning sunlight subconsciously kick starts your brain and encourages it to focus on the day ahead. Exposure to sunlight also ceases the body's production of melatonin, the hormone considered responsible for making you drowsy. Make a habit of opening your curtains as soon as you get out of bed, or even better take a stroll in the garden or onto your balcony and let daylight energize you.


5. Eat Your Breakfast

Far too many people skip breakfast, despite hearing the regular mantra about it being the 'most important meal of the day'. People who ensure that they eat breakfast every day report less feelings of fatigue and stress than those who routinely skip it. Options like grain cereals, oatmeal, eggs or fresh fruit provide longer benefits that last deeper into the morning than sweet pastries or cakes and will give you an immediate, yet enduring, energy boost.


6. Hydrate Immediately

WaterYou should try to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, even before you eat your breakfast. Drinking water on an empty stomach offers a wealth of benefits and immediately encourages your kidneys to start functioning in 'day' mode. It will also help cleanse your gut, getting it ready for a new day of eating and aid digestion so you can get all the nutrients from your breakfast meal. You can still have your morning tea or coffee, but drink your glass of water on an empty stomach first.


7. Stretch and Exercise

Nobody is going to insist that you get out of bed and immediately start jogging around the room or performing push-ups on the bedroom floor, but taking a few minutes to add a small amount of exercise to your daily routine can really help your energy levels. Simple stretching exercises, yoga poses, breathing techniques or even a brisk, refreshing walk can immediately get the adrenaline flowing, kick-start your body into action, and keep stress at bay.


8. Supplement Your Shower

ShowerA morning shower is used by many as means to 'waking up properly', but there are ways you can add some extra power to your shower to boost your energy levels. Add some energizing scents around bathroom shelves to help jolt your senses into action - mint, eucalyptus and citrus fragrances are among the best. Look for shower gels and soaps that contain similar ingredients to ensure that your shower helps you face the morning head on.


9. Belt Out Your Favorite Song

Studies have shown that singing provides you with an emotional boost that can help diminish levels of stress hormones in your body. These hormones are responsible for sapping your energy, so it's great if you can banish them.  So put on your favorite CD while you make breakfast and belt it out, even if your partner objects! If it's a song with a quick beat, the chances are it will get you moving too, and send those energy levels soaring.

10. Reach for a Cinnamon Stick

CinnamonWe recently covered the many great uses for cinnamon, and research has also suggested that it can be great for fighting fatigue. Just a simple whiff of this scented spice can produce a reaction that heightens your senses and provides you with energy. If you don't have cinnamon handy, then peppermint can have a similar effect. Keep a packet of mint candies or some sticks of chewing gum handy and use them to give you a morning energy boost.


11. Go Nuts

If you still feel tired as you start to move through your morning, then use a cup of nuts to fire up your internal engine. All types of nuts provide terrific levels of magnesium and folate, which are great for energy levels, so if you eat a sensible amount, they can be used to give you an energy boost when you need one. Keep a bag of nuts or trail mix handy, here is how you can put together an effective mixed bag of nuts.


12. Look After Your Afternoon to Protect Your Mornings

RelaxIf you are going to get a good night's sleep, you need to start preparing your body for bed time as early as mid-afternoon, This doesn't mean that you should pull on your pajamas while still at work or at the park with your family, but you need to be aware of afternoon habits that can disrupt your sleep later on.

Firstly, avoid high levels of caffeine from at least six hours before bedtime, and that includes soda drinks as well as coffee. Secondly, establish some 'get home' rituals so that your body becomes aware of the need to relax before bed. Catch up on your emails and correspondence in good time to relax later. You may find that a warm bath, cup of herbal tea or aroma sticks help you unwind in the evening - and remember to switch the telly off a good half hour before you go to bed. Good habits and a steady routine will help you feel full of energy the next morning!


Sources: dumblittleman.com and webmd.com


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