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12 Websites for Learning More about the World

The internet has opened up the world to everyone. You can learn or find almost anything on it. With so much content being pushed and programs being designed - the world is really at your fingertips. Here are 12 sites that were created with the goal of helping people become better acquainted with a particular subject.


Duolingo: Learn a language online

Learn another language with Duolingo, a website and app that teaches you to speak and write a new language. The program offers a free version of Rosetta-Stone. The languages it offers at the moment include Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.  If you use the site regularly, and diligently put in the hours, you can become well-versed in a new language rather quickly.


Khan Academy: Collegiate education for everyone

If you couldn’t afford to attend college or just want to take a course in something you never got the chance to study, this site offers you the opportunity to take collegiate level courses. You can choose any subject including history, science, art, economics, math and computer programming. The website provides you with the resources and can even assess your progress and evaluate what you’ve learned.


Justin Guitar: Free guitar lessons

The guitar is one of the more accessible instruments to learn, and it is relatively easy to learn via the internet. A young man named Justin created a website filled with hundreds of free guitar lessons, tips, and other resources making it all the more easier for you to learn this instrument.


Cooking for Engineers: An analytical look at recipes

For some people cooking comes naturally and following recipes makes sense. But for other people they’re not specific enough, and this is where Cooking for engineers can help. This blog not only provides recipes concerned with creating flavorsome meals, but also includes a breakdown of ingredients, equipment, and instructions in an analytical fashion so no mistakes can be made.


MIT Open Courseware: Free university courses

Not everyone can attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but the educators there are not exclusive with their course material and want to share their knowledge with you, for free. Thus, the Open Courseware was created. You can find hundreds of courses online, and this initiative has influenced other universities to offer free courses and even podcasts of certain lecture series.


Investopedia: Helps you understand financial markets

The financial world can seem daunting to the uninitiated, but you don’t have to feel intimidated anymore when a conversation turns 'financial'. This educational website helps you understand economics and the financial world through easy to understand videos and tutorials, and an easy to digest 'news' blog. Their informative news stories are straightforward and let you know what is going on in the ever-changing face of the money market scene.



OneLook: The most comprehensive dictionary

There are many dictionaries online, but finding a comprehensive one that covers more complicated words, obscure phrases, or slang, can be more challenging. If you love reading, learning definitions and finding a variety of resources to lead you to your answer, this is the resource for you.


GeographyIQ: All about the world

This informative website combines readable tidbits with a map, to create an interactive geography resource. The map allows you to select any country and learn about all the facets of that country including its history, population, and other important details.



HowStuffWorks: Learn how everything works

This invaluable website is brought to you by the Discovery Channel and is filled to the brim with information on how things work. This growing network includes articles, podcasts and YouTube videos regarding a variety of topics, from the technical to the mundane, in the most fascinating way. The topics range from history, technology, science, health, and all the way to culture.


TED: Free video lectures

TED Talks occur around the world, gathering the smartest minds from all sorts of fields to present their ideas in 20 minute lectures. While attending the live events is a costly experience, their website publishes videos of all the talks for free, providing you with hours of enriching insights, interesting topics, and valuable lessons.


Project Gutenberg: A library of free e-books

This ingenious initiative grants you access to hundreds of free books, that can keep you occupied for hours. The library of downloadable books provided by Project Gutenberg is both legal and free as most of the collections are public domain books.


Anki: Memorizing with flashcards

A strong educational technique for recalling information quickly is the use of flashcards. Online site Anki lets you memorize streams of information with their innovative flashcard system. This resource helps you embed text, videos, images and audio into your flashcards, allowing for a fun learning experience and faster recall.

Source: lifehack


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